Yellow – My New Neutral

Did you have a nice weekend?  Was it peaceful and restful?  I probably don’t have to tell you that I enjoyed my weekend away with girl friends.  You know I did!  🙂

During our visit with the kids (Fun Son and Spunky Daughter, both in college) over Easter weekend, we reminisced briefly about our beach trip last summer.

Last Monday, I was in T. J. Maxx and ran across this pillow.

Mr. Crabs!  You found me!

Crusty Crabbs

I still get tickled when I think about Mr. Crabs entertaining us on the beach for hours.  He was such a diligent worker!

Mr. Crabs at Work

Isn’t he cute?

The beach trip was on my mind all last week, and one day I collected two more pillows from the Guest Room in Nature, Navy, and White.

Beach Themed Pillows

The sunny back porch is the perfect spot for beach-themed pillows.

Beach-Themed Pillows

Bermuda Sail is made from my souvenir t-shirt from years ago – and backed with an old pair of jeans.

Beach-Themed Pillows

How lucky for me that Mr. Crabs matches the table umbrella.

Beach-Themed Pillows

Yellow cushions go with so many colors.  I’m planning different coordinates of pillows for each area of the front porch, as well as this back porch.  I never knew how much yellow could be a neutral!

I find myself buying lots of things with yellow lately.  Ha!

Spring Oreos

While shopping for porch pillow fabrics, I saw this lamp that’s fun.  And, it has a yellow base.  Surely you know how much I wanted to bring it home.

Fabric Strip Lamp Shade

The shade is a simple frame with fabric strips knotted along the bottom rim.  I feel a project coming on!

How about you?  Do you consider yellow to be a neutral?


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    • says

      Thank you! I was thinking of you the entire time of putting these pillows out. You are my beach-comber friend, after all! Happy Monday~ 🙂

  1. Penny says

    Thank-you Kim for your cheerful post. That crab is a adorable.Yellow has been on my mind lately too.

    Here’s to sunny days ahead,


    • says

      I wonder if yellow is more popular in stores this spring – more than other spring seasons in the past. Hmm…could be the reason we’re leaning that direction.

  2. Roxanne says

    Yellow has always been one of my go to colors. I especially love it combined with blue and white. My laundry room is painted sunny yellow…might as well be cheerful when doing chores!

    • says

      Thank you, Pam! It’s all too easy to find beach themed pillows – and, really, most anything with a beach appeal. I hope you have a wonderful week!