A Different Way to Use Louvered Shutters

We’re back in my family room again today.  Most of you know I’m making new window treatments.  Are you wondering what’s taking me so long?

You know how I am…slow, busy (aren’t we all?), and prone to wander when projects drag on too long.

For the record, I’d like to mention that I’ve been gone a lot since starting this room redo.  Do you find it hard to maintain your home when you’re constantly in and out, in and out?  And, you can forget  working on a project, with all that travel laundry to do!

No complaints, I promise…just reflecting on a reality of life.  I’m thankful for laundry – thankful that HH and I have clothes to wash!  🙂

Since I’ve spent so much time on the road for all of that fun, I need to catch you up on things in progress for the family room window.

Our sofa had to be placed along this window wall, and the back side gets full afternoon sun.  I know…not good.

Family Room Window

(Fortunately, our trees aren’t dead.  These pics were taken last month before their spring growth.)

We have many working Roman shades in our house, so I wanted something other than Romans for this window.  I always seem to want something a little different from the norm!

I bought these used indoor by-fold shutters on eBay a few weeks ago.

Used Indoor Shutters

Don’t worry.  White paint is in their future.

You may have noticed these shutters in place in my post, Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement and this Easy Upholstery Removal post.

Fireplace Warming Stool

The look isn’t exactly complete yet.  I still need one more set of shutters, so I’m trolling eBay regularly.  In fact, right now I’m bidding on another set of four – already painted white.

There are no other bidders, so I’m waiting until the final few minutes to place my bid.  You don’t want to show your hand too soon….

Our windows have 6″ sills, which give good flexibility.  These shutters can rest on the sill without attaching them to anything – a unique window treatment, I know.

Shutters on Window Sill

I plan to add varying heights of shutters.

Bidding update:  someone just bid on the eBay shutters.  I’ll join them, since there’s only 15 minutes left.  Wait…I’ll give it another 10 minutes.

Back to the window treatment – I hope to fill the width of our window with 18″-20″-tall shutters, all painted white.   One drawback is I can’t see the horses as I sit in my chair.  I’m mostly there at night after dark, so it’ll be okay.

What?  I lost the bid?   The other bidder came right back and increased their bid during the final 60 seconds.  I should have waited until the last 15 seconds to place my bid!  (Sneaky, sneaky…)

Oh, well…I’ll keep looking.  Something will turn up eventually.  Decorating is a process,  and the journey is the fun part.  I love to stretch out that part (as you well know).  It adds to the excitement!

Are you enjoying a particular decorating journey right now?  Or, does something have you stumped?


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  1. teresa says

    sorry about your bid. You can set a default bid that kicks in at the last minute to avoid this next time. 🙂

    • says

      I’ll check on that, Teresa. Thank you. My top bid amount was only 50 cents shy of the amount the shutters sold for, so a little more wouldn’t have hurt. 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Susan! Bidding on eBay is really fun when you keep a light attitude about it. It’s a fun game to see how cheap you can get something sometimes. I do hope the varying heights look OK…your good opinion raises my confidence about it, so thanks! 🙂