Window Treatment Style and 2014 Color Forecast

Maybe you thought I’d lost my mind.

Maybe I did, temporarily.

I knew I had seen the drapery style somewhere – the style of my New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One.  (This post appears to be a lot of words and few pictures, y’all, but keep reading – there’s a nice surprise later.)

Euro Pleat Close-up

When the time came to write my post about them, I couldn’t find any sources to share.  A couple of weeks after publishing the post, my copy of Vision Magazine came in the mail.

Surprise!  On the cover was the style I had made – exactly, except the type of fabric.  I thought about taking a picture of the magazine cover, but then it occurred to me that I could probably find it on-line.  The magazine sourced the cover page simply by stating the company name Harlequin, a British textile company.

No website turned up an image to share with you – just to show you that window treatment.  But, what I found was so much better!

At, you can subscribe for the magazine.  Surprisingly, I found that you can look at the magazine, cover to cover, on-line at no charge.

Probably most of you won’t be interested in technical information about blinds, shades, rods, etc.  Among the professional decorator/designer technical information, there are a few pictures of designer rooms and window treatments that might appeal to you.

I found the article about Sherwin Williams’ 2014 color palettes to be very interesting.  If you will click the magazine image, it will enlarge to a readable screen-size version.  Vision website has their act together, I’d say.

If you will click the front cover a second time, it will enlarge to huge.  Move your cursor toward the top right of your screen, and finally the upper portion of the treatment will come into view.  Simply click the x to get back to normal screen size.


Vision offered this way for me to share their magazine with you.  I hope you enjoyed a little (or long) look at something new – and a bonus, something you don’t have to pay for.  🙂 (Unless you’re like me and are addicted to all things print – it’s a touch fetish, or something.)

Have a fun and restful weekend, y’all – maybe some meaningful time spent with family or friends!  I hope to see you tomorrow for another Spectacular Sunday.

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