Fabulous Fabric Finds

What was I thinking?

I mean, where are my manners?

I apologize.  Deeply!

Can I blame my over 50-ness, once again?           ADD?    ODD?

Or mental-pause?

How about CRS disease?  (Can’t Remember Stuff, y’all.)

Textiles Collage

My mom really did raise me better than that.  I promise.

So, I’m here to correct the previous (and unintentional) omissions of my fabulous fabric sources.

In Manic Over Textiles , I discussed a couple of terrible, horrible, devastating conditions you can contract when shopping for fabrics.  It was that day I found these fabrics above (one is the valance fabric- you know, the valances I can’t stop talking about this week).

In the midst of therapy for the conditions I contracted, I’d like to break away from my therapist long enough to share with you the website for the drapery and upholstery fabric shop where you can get some fabulous fabric finds of your own.  With on-line shopping, you’ll have less chance of catching either of the conditions.

Terrific prices and first-rate quality you will find at PHI Fabric Warehouse.   Check them out, y’all.  I’m sure you’d be most welcome!

Nor, for my second omission.

During my lamp week, in the very last post, Monogrammed Lampshade, that’s where it happened.  We talked about the fabric/quilt shop that monogrammed the fabric I used for the lampshade, Silly Whispers.  (I also bought the fun fabric from them.)  We giggled about the sisters and their silly whispers.

Personalized Lampshade

And, in the middle of all those giggles, the ADD (or whatever!) took hold and…well, you know.  To correct that (also unintentional) omission, here’s the link to the website of Silly Whispers.  Be sure to click on the header titles to tour their site of fabrics and quilts.  But be careful – you might catch the quilting bug!

I hope this post makes everything OK now.  My friends are important to me, and I’d hate to hurt their feelings, y’all.  ‘Cause we need our friends.  They’re a blessing.

Just like I need you, my new friends.  The friends I think about often but never get to see.  The friends that visit me but can’t really knock on my door and come inside.   And, I’d never want to hurt your feelings, either.

‘Cause you’re a blessing, too!

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