Why Settle for Second Best?

Our society says you can be anyone you decide to be.

Don’t like your gender?
“Change it.” 

Don’t like the opposite sex?
“Go with whatever you prefer,” our world says.


For those of us who believe in God, we can’t leave God out of the equation.  We are bound by our faith to see what God says about it.  If you follow in obedience as He directs in His word, The Holy Bible, you are a faithful Christian.  If you’re not a woman of faith, maybe this post will demonstrate the perspective of an authentic Christian’s faith beliefs.

Picture this scenario:  Someone sees you struggling with a lifestyle choice, and then they see you give in obedience to the Lord, they don’t understand.  They sometimes turn to you and accuse.

“You’re settling!”  They  claim.

It’s as if they’re saying you’ve settled for second best.  They believe that being true to ourselves is always choosing what we want  for ourselves.  Like pleasing ourselves alone should be top priority.

Do they really believe that the very best for your life is what you choose over what God would choose for you?

Let’s look a little deeper.  Christians know that God has His best in store for His children.

And we know that God causes everything
to work together for the good
of those who love God and are called
according to his purpose for them. (Romans 8:28)

God created us.  He knows intimately everything  about us, warts and all.  Rather than caving to cultural acceptance of who we want to be, let’s cave to God’s best for us.

Let’s take addiction, for example.  The pull of addiction is strong and serious.  I get that.  It’s not to be taken lightly.  But, I know without a doubt that God will heal us of addiction when we turn to Him for healing.

Jeremiah 17.14Image Source

It’s a long process, sometimes a life-long one.  It takes commitment.  And the Lord will see us through it.  With love and commitment to the Lord in our affliction, He will turn it around.  To His faithful children, He gives a life filled with His blessings.  When we honor Him in our decisions, He blesses that – with more good things than we can imagine.

Later, sometimes much later, we look back and say “Wow.”

I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on God’s best,
for it truly has been better than I could have ever dreamed.

Our decisions matter.  For women of faith, we need not settle for second best, which is the “worldly” best.  God designs our days perfectly for His faithful ones, those who love Him and honor Him in obedience to His Word.

Choose the very best – God’s best for your life.

In your lifetime, how has God shown His best to be better than you’d ever imagined?  When you run across someone who’s making a crucial life decision, do you think you could share that with them – to help them realize God’s ultimate best?










  1. robin says

    I love this.
    And I love the song. I sing it all the time. I only listen to K-Love now.

    And yes….God HAS shown His best to be better than I’d ever imagined. One big one…MY HUSBAND!
    I was dating good looking men who were successful. (Some of my friends were envious they couldn’t attract men like that. They attracted guys who were a mess.) Some men were Christians. BUT…they were not living according to His Word. Neither was I. I was not being taught what “I” needed growing up …and in church all those years. Had I been…my life may have played out without so much drama and hurt. Some of us need more in depth teaching, like “if you do this then that will happen.” Strong willed people don’t always GET the subtleties. LOL But my past helps me help others. I am not the only woman who has gone through this.

    I listened to God when I had finally had enough pain in relationships. I was obedient and left my denomination and went some place that would TEACH me every Sunday. And Wednesday. It seemed as though when I was TRYING to be obedient, the enemy would send men to mess me up. So I stopped dating altogether and made JESUS my boyfriend. (Many teach on this. You can’t go wrong there!)

    THEN God opened my eyes and I saw my husband….he was right in front of me from the day I set foot in that new church. Once I had finally cuts the last ties that would hinder my future….it happened. It didn’t take long. I was in the new church one year. ONE YEAR! Then my husband and I started dating. Since God had orchestrated this match….it didn’t take long because we were on the same page. There was no drama. No pain. Everything went smoothly. There was PEACE. We talked on the phone on 7/7. For 7 hours. (The 7s are significant! 7 is the number of completion. God likes numbers. Have you noticed that in the Bible?) We went on a date on 7/15. We got engaged on 9/15. We got married 12/15. Of the same year. God does work fast some times. IF we are in line with what He wants for us he can do it in the blink of an eye!

    Stay tuned…He is gonna work fast again THIS year!!! (He has already given us some previews!)

    My husband was prophesied to me in 1998, while I was still in a marriage that “I” chose, with a man who was not going to help me get to where God wanted me to be. I got divorced in 2003. I had to “go through” for many years. I came to my present church in 2011. It was in 2012 that I finally had my act together to the point he could give me a new husband. So from the time he was prophesied to the time we started dating…..FOURTEEN YEARS. 14 LONG and painful years!!! If ya get your Christian walk right quicker….you won’t have to “go though” like I did!!! So put yourself around people of faith….get a spiritual mother and father….and GET TAUGHT!!! Time is precious!!!

    And I do tell women this story ALL the time.

    • says

      Your willingness to share your experiences and how God is faithful speaks volumes. I know you’ve helped many – and will continue. You have a very special story to share. 🙂

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