What’s the Secret to a Safe Haven Home?

A friend reminded me recently that not everyone lives with peace in their home.  Sometimes relationships are strained and can even be abusive at times.  Let’s face it.  None of us is perfect, and when left to our own devices, we can make the lives of others in our household miserable.

So, how do we get around that?  How can we create a peaceful home?

My friend said it right.  Our home is peaceful when the Holy Spirit resides there.  What a great reminder!  It really boils down to our decision to live faithfully according to our King Jesus and God’s Holy Word.

With Him as the heartbeat of our home, we will have peace there.

Romans 15:13Image Source

But, what do you do if not everyone in your home is a Christian?  What if a family member is lost and doesn’t know the Lord – or care?  How do we endure?

I’ve pondered this often since the discussion with my friend that day.  You may feel at a loss.  Do you feel you can control the environment at home only to the extent that you can control that lost soul?  That was my first thought, too, which can’t be right.

I can see how that thought might leave you without hope.  We serve the God of all hope.  He doesn’t leave us hopeless.  He is our hope!

When we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can block Satan’s influence in our home that spills from our lost loved one.  No matter what they do, we can treat them with God’s love and kindness.

But, what if they don’t deserve love and kindness?

It’s not about deserving.  We don’t deserve God’s love and kindness, either.  He offers His grace – to those who love Him.  So, can you offer grace to your loved one, as well?

It’s about compassion for the person who doesn’t know what we know…rather, Who we know.  Until they know the Lord,

They just. don’t. know.

Nor do they understand where we’re coming from in our beliefs, our faith.

Here’s how to make a difference:

#1: Pray

Yes, ask God to fix it.  Continue asking.  It’s not that He didn’t hear you the first time or that He’s stubborn and doesn’t want to answer your prayer or that He needs reminding.  He answers his children who are faithful and who offer our earnest prayers.  He hears our hearts crying out.

I’m not saying to repeat a rote prayer over and over again.  I’m saying to repeat His promises back to Him in your prayers to show your faithfulness to Him and your faith in Him alone to answer your prayer.

While you pray for this each day, wait patiently at His feet.  He knows you are waiting, and He will bless you in other ways while you wait.  Through those other blessings, He’s communicating to you that He’s working, even when you can’t see it yet.

#2:  Create a faith atmosphere.

This part is more for you than for the lost, but it can impact them, as well.  God’s Word speaks through His music every day, even to the lost.

Play the music of God’s word in your home.  It encourages you, and it fills your rooms with His love and peace.

His blessings to you for a peaceful home~











  1. jan says

    Nice words that I know you believe but it is obvious you haven’t lived with these kinds of problems or have a real idea what it takes to live with time. When someone is trapped in a difficult situation your “advice” might do more harm that good.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment, Jan. I don’t say these words lightly, and I have lived in situations that I would never discuss on-line. But God helped me deal with those difficult people and situations absolutely through prayer. Fervent prayer. We can’t change others, but God certainly can and does. I’ve lived it, prayed it, and seen Him move mountains. Life is hard, so my goal is always to encourage.

  2. Peggy H. says

    Enjoyed reading this tonight. I too have struggled with people in my life who are too “busy” to put Church and faith first in their lives. Music has always kept me at peace and living in a very faith based community also eases the burden.

    Have a blessed week!

    • says

      Thank you, Peggy. You are right. Christian friends and fellow church members are such an encouragement to me. That’s what we’re supposed to do…encourage one another. I hope you have a wonderful week, too.