What’s Blooming Wednesday #6

We’re having Vacation Bible School this week.  As you might imagine, time has been a little stretched.  OK, honestly, more than a little.  But, I was determined to get some pictures to share for the Wednesday update of blooms.

I made my weekly stroll through the yard yesterday (looked like a storm was brewing) and discovered a few new blooms.

Last Wednesday, we had only a couple of Black-eyed Susans in bloom.  Now, they are blooming almost on every side of the house.  You’ll notice them in most pictures today.  The Canna are blooming away, too, even after digging up part of the patch last week and sharing with a friend.

Black-eyed Susans and Canna

The Vitex Chaste, which is the small bush to the right (above) is a volunteer I transplanted last summer.

Here’s the parent, right here, all proud and growing strong.

New PathwayPeople confuse the Vitex Chaste with the Butterfly Bush.  You can distinguish between the two by the leaves and the shape of the blooms.  Vitex Chaste has an occasional spray of leaves similar to fingers on your hand.

Vitex Chaste BloomsAlso, they are dark green with a smooth texture.  The blooms have pointed tips.

Vitex Chaste TreeNotice this next picture of the Butterfly Bush shows more rounded blooms.  Also, the leaves are a little fuzzy and are singles, not formed into a hand-shaped spray, as with the Vitex Chaste.

Butterfly Bush BloomsThe leaves appear to be a lighter green, but it’s mostly due to the fuzz factor.  They’re not as fuzzy as Lamb’s Ear, though.

The Rose of Sharon began blooming this week.

Rose of Sharon BushHummingbirds are crazy for these blooms, and this tree is loaded with blooms and buds.

Rose of Sharon Bloom

I’m sure you’ve noticed I have lots of purple, which I love.  To balance it, I have to remind myself to by other colors occasionally, like red.  My porches have potted flowers in reds, pinks, peaches, and yes – more purple. 😉

A friend shared a tiny clump of her Day Lilies six years ago.

Daylily Bloom

They have multiplied, traveled, and now grow in lots of spots, right alongside the Black-eyed Susans.

Daylilies Galore

I love getting volunteers that come up.  No work needed, y’all.  (Except when the day comes to remove some after they take over completely.)

Have I showed you my eucalyptus tree yet?  I bought a tiny plant several years ago at a garden center, because I love to smell eucalyptus.  I planted it beside the house, thinking it would grow a couple of feet and die at the end of summer.

Big surprise, two years later, it was ten feet tall!  After reading on line, I discovered it was a tree, y’all, that would grow to a couple hundred feet tall!  So, I dug it up and moved it here.  Only, it died after moving it.  This was another new tiny plant (from the same garden center) that I bought and planted last year.  Look how big already!

Eucalyptus Tree

Yep!  Ten feet tall just before its second full summer.  In this spot, it has lots of room to grow.

Do you like the smell of eucalyptus?


Sometimes I take a detour on my way to the barn, just to grab those leaves and crush the scent against my shirt.  Intoxicating!

Oh, I need to give you an update on our corn!  You haven’t seen it since it was just a sprig coming from the ground.

Fields of Corn

We always pray for our farmer to be successful, to have good weather to grow a strong crop.  This year’s corn crop is tall and lush and healthy!  Thank you, God. 🙂

Pretty soon, we’ll have some blooms on the corn to enjoy…and finally, lots and lots of yellow corn.

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    What a fantastic home and yard and garden and corn….. oh my!!! I love everything you posted about, EVERYTHING. I feel so embarressed cause I have not managed to even plant some flower seeds! WTG Kim, beautiful, just amazing and beautiful.

    I am inspired to do more now.

  2. says

    Don’t you just love all the blooming things this time of year? I can’t wait to venture outside every day because as one bloom disappears, another is taking its place. In that sense, Maine is so different from Houston.

  3. says

    Ooops…I meant field of corn views. So different from So Ca. WHen I look out from my front porch I see palm trees and mowed lawns. 🙂

    • says

      I got you. Yes, I’ve been to your area on motorcycle, and it’s very different. We love traveling to all areas of our country – such a difference sometimes in terrain and foliage. America is majestic in every area! 🙂