What’s Blooming Wednesday #52 – Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Ugly

I know all about the ugly.  You probably know it, too.  It’s that in-between stage of landscaping.  Today, I’m sharing all my ugly with you.

Don’t we love to see other people’s ugly?  It helps us feel like our own ugly is doing pretty good!

Last week, I shared what HH has been working on in the yard – the new watering system.  He finished one side of the house last week, and this week, the other side of the house is completed.

Here’s where the really ugly steps in.  Are you ready?

Cast Iron Plants Removed

Pretty messy, isn’t it?

Remember what it looked like before?  I love how the cast iron plants grow full and lush – pretty much always, no matter what.  They also grow into a pretty large mass, toward the house, toward each other, and eventually out into the bed.

Elephant Ear, Blooming Hosta, Creeping Jenny, Yarrow, Cast Iron Plant

HH didn’t like having plants right next to the house.  It’s buggy…and snaky – and the water pipe needed to go there.

Across the driveway, remember what was growing in front of the gas tank?  Nothing there grew enough to hide the tank.  And, with our drought, the vines are marginal, even now.  The tank stuck out like a sore thumb.


Don’t you hate when ugly seems permanent?  I do.

Call me crazy, but why didn’t I think of this before?  The cast iron plants are low care and no fuss.  I love that, especially since we won’t have automatic water going to them across the driveway.

Cast Iron Plants New Location

Notice the vines are still barely growing/fading/thirsting along the fence.

The moonbeam blooms are gone – and now are dropping seeds.

Moonbeam vine seeds

It’s interesting to see the mixture of stages all together on one vine.

Moonbeam vine seeds

Some fresh, some dried and dropping seeds…and some look very interesting indeed.  Isn’t this swirly tip cool?

Moonbeam vine seeds

This next picture was earlier this summer.  The life cycle of this vine is certainly fun to watch.

Moonbeam Vine

Things have changed drastically on the other side of the house since last week’s post.  Part of this looked pretty bare last week, didn’t it?

Garden Renovation

Something’s missing now…the monster fig.  And more cast iron plants appeared – not magically, of course.  HH will vouch for that.

Cast Iron Plants

It looks like nearly a clean slate to work with.  Please share what full sun plants you enjoy. ( I love low-care, too.)


Cast Iron Plants

HH put two more watering extensions out into the “former fig” bed area.

Cast Iron Plants

HH also has a plan for keeping my pots watered during the summer heat.  I noticed how the purple sweet potato vine is changing colors now that it’s cooler at night.  Lots more blooms, too.

Sweet Potato Vine

Speaking of blooms, the French Tarragon is really starting to show out.  I love that stuff – and its scent.

French Tarragon

Well, that’s all the good, the bad, and the ugly for now.  While some areas are ugly, we can enjoy the process of selecting new plantings we like – and maybe a few we’ve always wanted to try.

What would that mean for you?  What plants have you always wished for?














  1. says

    These dry hot conditions are tough Kim! So glad you are getting some help from sprinklers- we have several bushes dying and the whole back yard looks sick 🙂 The cast iron plants make a great camo for your tank
    Jenna recently posted…Holidays, The Witching HourMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks! I never thought the cast iron plants would be tall enough to hide the tank, but they turned out to be just about right. I’ve lost a few bushes, as well. We’ve had terrible armadillo trouble this year, too. HH has killed many and thought we had them all until last night. I had a surprise waiting for me this morning. If he uproots all our water piping, you know who will be “piping mad”. Tonight will be critter killing time again. Happy Halloween!

  2. says

    Kim, you used the cast iron plants for covering the tank…good thinking! Your French tarragon looks beautiful, mine died while we were gone. We haven’t had a single drop of rain the entire month of October! All the trees are turning brown and dropping their leaves, not our usual beautiful autumn colors! HH has been very busy and you all have accomplished a lot! Happy Wednesday!
    Pam Richardson recently posted…Tablescape Tuesday: The Next Best ThingMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Pam. The plants had to go somewhere, and HH didn’t have the heart to throw them in the tree line to die. I’m sorry you lost your French tarragon. If I ever get over your way, I’ll bring you a cutting. It grows easily from a twig rooted in a glass of water. Our Crepe Myrtle trees look sickly, too. They lost their leaves way too early this year. We had two rains in early September that amounted to about a quarter inch. It’s been a strange weather year! Wednesday blessings to y’all!

  3. Penny says


    It’ll look amazing when it’s finished.

    Lavender, ornamental & evergreen shrubs are some of my favorites. I think I’ll add a few more of them to my perennial beds.

    Have a good day,


    • Penny says

      I forgot to mention the cast iron plant. I’ve never heard of it before but it looks like a definite keeper.

      • says

        I wish I knew the real name for the plant so maybe you could find it. A friend gave me some rootings when we first moved here, and it has multiplied like crazy. If you’re ever in North Mississippi, let me know, and you can come by for some of mine. I’d be happy to share. Happy hump day! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Penny. I predict it’ll be winter before I decide what to plant in early Spring. I’m so out of the heavy garden digging mode. I love lavender, but all I’ve ever planted into the ground here died within two years. I have tons of box woods, so I’ll see what I can find that’s evergreen and, like you say, ornamental.