What’s Blooming Wednesday #46

I didn’t get pictures of the tomatoes that had blossom end rot, but they were the first four on the vines that developed it.  I cut off the damaged fruit and searched for a cure.

Tomato Plants

After researching the issue, I concluded my tomatoes needed watering daily rather than every other day as instructed in the Tomato Plant Pots – Recipe for Success.  Now my tomatoes are healthy – no blossom end rot.  🙂

Tomato Plants

I found that tomato plants in pots have a high need for extra calcium.  I thought you might want to see this quick video that explains how to provide that for your plants.

I’ve also noticed my plant leaves looked very dry.  I trimmed away several branches on the lower part of the plants, but I needed to do more cutting away.  Did you notice in the video that the tomato plants had all their lower stems trimmed away?

Tomato Plants

I should have known better, but I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  I planted two plants in each pot rather than one as stipulated in the recipe.  There may not be enough nutrients in each pot for two plants.  Yikes!

I went out to water this morning and started trimming.  Better…and should have done this earlier.  Don’t they already look healthier?

Pruned Tomato Plants

I’m no expert with gardening, but at least you can learn from my mistakes!  :-/

On a happier note, watering every other day taught me that the plants in my other pots are happier with an every-other-day-watering schedule.

Porch Plants

So far, at least.  We have 95 degrees predicted this weekend.  Oh, and I added this little bird from Dollar Tree to the porch light – just for fun.  🙂

Dollar Tree Bird

Out in the yard, figs are growing.


The vines I planted a month ago are finally growing onto the fence wiring I attached.


I planted them to hide the gas tank.  They’re perennials, so I try to start seeds by mid May.  The one on the left is a Hyacinth bean vine.  The two to the right are moonbeam vines.  I hope they bloom this year!


I’ve planted moonbeam before, and they grow large white blooms that glow in the moonlight.  I’ve never had them bloom, so I’m beginning to wonder if my friend gave me “fake seeds”.  Ha!

Funny, I limbed up this Crepe Myrtle two weeks ago (see how here), and it’s the only one blooming here in The Land of Making Do.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.

Crepe Myrtle

I quickly trimmed that Crepe Myrtle on a whim one cool evening, and now that it’s suddenly so hot, the others may wait until fall!

What’s blooming at your house?  Do you have tomatoes, and if so, how are they doing?




  1. Libba says

    Love your crepe myrtle. I saw one in Tupelo yesterday that was blooming purple and white blooms. So unusual. After looking closer, I decided it was two plants planted together. It made a pretty showing. If your moonvine plant blooms and you have any extra seed, I’d love to have two or three. I once had one, enjoyed it so much, but lost it and haven’t found any seed, nor plants, since that time. They are really pretty. Have a great day.

    • says

      I’ll bet the Crepe Myrtles were pretty mixed together like that. Have you ever seen the Crepe Myrtle that’s a low bush? I think those would be easy to mix with different colored blooms for an interesting effect. Ms. Betty gave me the moonbeam seeds several years ago, and I plant a couple of seeds each year. I have several more, so I’ll bring you a few! I hope you’re having a very nice week! 🙂

  2. says

    Kim, I am sorry I have been absent from your blog, I just returned from a week in Seattle, but I will catch up. I am so glad you figured out what to do for your tomatoes so you can enjoy a harvest. I have so wanted a fig tree, I love fresh figs with a touch of honey and goat cheese! My crepe myrtles aren’t blooming yet, but suon I am sure! ~Blessings
    Pam Richardson recently posted…Seattle’s Pike Place MarketMy Profile

    • says

      I enjoyed reading about your trip so much! If I lived near a market like the one in Seattle, I’d have no desire to grow my own tomatoes. Hmm…figs, honey, and goat cheese sounds delicious. I hope to remember that when the figs ripen. 🙂 Yep, your crepe myrtles should bloom any day now. All of mine are now showing a few blooms – to be covered soon. I hope you have a restful weekend ahead.

  3. teresa says

    Great video. I just planted my Black Krim and Mortgage lifters over the weekend. They’re next to a limestone wall in with my roses, so hopefully, I won’t have this problem. Tomatoes are heavy feeders and can get really big depending. I figure what’s good for roses should be good for tomatoes. 🙂

    I found a reply I sent you in my spam concerning small container roses. I suggested Sweet Chariot or Green Ice. I had another, but forget it now. I didn’t know a colour preference. I could suggest others if I knew that.