What’s Blooming Wednesday #43

Beginning last week in The Land of Making Do, most of our mornings include a beautiful pink  and gold sunrise.  It totally fits my pink and gold theme for the week – and yesterday’s tablescape, too!

Pink Sunrise

It thrilled us to see our first few tomatoes on the vines in our Tomato Plant Pots.  Are you growing tomatoes this year?


It’s neat watching each bloom turn into a tiny new fruit.

Tomato Plants

Speaking of plants, they are growing very tall and are, as of this week, reaching the top tomato stake ring.

Tomato Plant Pots

I’ve never had a potato vine bloom so well as this one.  Do you know if green potato vines bloom?  What color blooms are they?  I love this purple.

Potato Vine Bloom

One morning while sitting at my desk, I heard a loud thud.  A bird was stunned after it ran into the window.  It fell onto the glider, and I was afraid he/she was about to die.

Wounded Bird

Its eyes were open, but it didn’t move.  At. All.

And, look at that bent tail!  That can’t be good.

Injured Bird

I busied myself watering the white Bougainvillea vine.

Bougainvillea Vine

More soft shades of pink!

Bougainvillea Vine

The breeze was blowing the nicest fragrance from the French Tarragon growing nearby.  That is the best herb for growing in the ground, and it fills the air with sweetness!

French Tarragon

Around the corner, the Rose of Sharon opened its blooms.

Rose of Sharon

A couple of mornings later, the bush was filled!

Rose of Sharon

Have you ever had a Chrysanthemum bloom this early?  I’d noticed buds on this plant a few weeks ago, but now they’re beginning to open.


Isn’t that premature?  I thought they were fall blooming flowers.

Are you fighting a slug battle this year?  They’re a problem for my Hydrangea bushes every year, and this year’s no different.


There are lots of blooms, but they are undersized.  I continue using slug bait and egg shells.  And, our sudden dry spell last week didn’t help the bush, either.

Oh, and when I checked back on our stunned bird, it was gone.  It either flew away or a dog discovered it.  (Ugh!  I hate the thought of that!)

What are you battling with your plantings this week?  What are your frustrations?  On a better note, what flowers are you enjoying the most?




  1. Libba says

    The bird was probably just unconscious. One once ran into my window and was lying on the ground. I got an old towel, picked him up and carried him in the house. When he started coming around, boy was he ever ready to get out of there. Ha.

    • says

      Good thing you got that bird out of your house before he started flying around again. A bird flew into our house once, and it was very interesting trying to get him out before he “spotted” everything with droppings. He was as scared as we were! Haha!

  2. says

    Kim, lots of beauty in your beautiful outdoors! I have never had my green potato fine to bloom. Birds hit my windows all the time and it always scares me! We have green tomatoes and I can’t wait to be eating vine-ripened tomatoes with a sprinkling of sea salt, olive oil, goat cheese and basil! Happy Thursday!
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    • says

      Ooh, that sounds delicious! I’m ready for the tomatoes, too. Yes, we have birds hitting our windows on all sides of the house, and it does startle me every time. I’ve known of several to be stunned but have never known of a bird dying from hitting our windows. As far as the potato vine, I’ve never had a purple one bloom before this year…didn’t know they would do that. It’s a nice surprise! 🙂 I hope your Thursday is wonderful!

  3. Tammy says

    I love your yard, it looks like a lovely place to relax. I have a purple potato vine as well, I bought it with flowers on it, so I thought that was the way they were. I liked the way it looked with my dark purple petunias. I am glad to hear the bird was ok. have a wonderful day.

    • says

      Thank you. I guess I’ve always bought purple potato vines when they aren’t blooming. I’ll bet it’s beautiful with your petunias. Happy Friday! 🙂