What’s Blooming Wednesday #38

So far this month, we’ve had mostly days of high winds and lots of sunshine.  I’d have sworn it was March!

Finally, we’re having April showers this week.  The winds have calmed, and the temperatures are perfect…not too hot, not too cold.

How’s the weather at your house?  Is it a typical April?

We had a strange occurrence Sunday afternoon.  We’ve never had a blimp in The Land of Making Do.  Until now!

Blimp Siting

As you can see, no crops are planted yet.  It won’t be long!

As I spread mulch beneath our front bushes recently, my eye caught something odd-looking.

Front Porch Bushes

A closer inspection revealed this huge egg sack – another from Miss Charlotte of Charlotte’s Web.  You saw her last year in this post.

Charlotte's Egg Sack

I looked all around for Charlotte but didn’t find her.  I wonder where she’s built her web.  According to my research, she’s somewhere close by.

In my very first What’s Blooming Wednesday post, there were several Dutch iris blooms to enjoy.  Last year, we had none.  This year, we have one – and not nearly the vibrant coloring of the past.  (Duh.  I need to fertilize them!)

Dutch Iris

Things tend to change from year to year here in The Land of Making Do.  I’ve lost so many plantings over time.  Is it that way with you, too?

When I mentioned not having any herbs (except apple mint) in yesterday’s Country View Tablescape post, I’d forgotten about a couple that are just starting to return this year.  I haven’t lost them after all!



And the divinely scented French tarragon.

French Tarragon

Granted, the growth isn’t nearly tall enough for sprigs to tuck under napkin rings.  But, it’s well on its way!

After loading vases full of the fluffy white blooms, there are still plenty on this Chinese snowball bush.  It’s only a few years old, and I love that it started blooming while very young.

Chinese Snowball

There are loads of daisies bursting open – the favorite flower of PAM (Painter Artist Mom).  Wish I could send her a bouquet.  🙂


A friend recently asked me for some help.  Deer are eating her yard away!  So, Friday, I’ll share all I’ve gathered in my Gardening Notebook about preventing and repelling deer.

Do deer eat your flowers?  If not, how do you prevent it?


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  1. teresa says

    Love the flowers. My iris are expanding from 1 a few years back to maybe 1 dozen!, You’ve inspired me to try daisies again. Mine finally died out after flopping over every rainfall. Perhaps I’ll find a shorter variety this time around.
    I use a deer sprayer; it works great and finally hope to have hydrangea this year. I recently read that white plastic bags strung up will work as the move in the breeze and look like deer tails when sensing danger. whatever the reason teason work, and don’t need to be left up all season.
    Deer follow scent trails so once they’re “off the scent”, it’s safe. I had a dam foal in my lower yard a couple of years ago, but try now to keep them out. With development of nearby woods, they have nowhere to go. 🙁

    • says

      Thanks for your insights, Teresa! Since everyone may not read comments, I’ll include some of your experience in Friday’s post. I hope you don’t mind! Experiences rings truer than what “they” say every time! Happy hump day! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Pam. I guess our weather heads pretty much your way when it leaves here. I hope you had calm today, like we did! 🙂

  2. Roxanne says

    We had a hail storm yesterday here in SC! I was holding my breath because my snowball bush, azaleas, bridal wreath, dogwoods, and irises are in full bloom. Everything came through unscathed.

    I wanted to share my sewing adventure…I decided to suck it up and sew new cushion covers for my Adirondack chairs. You convinced me I could do it. The fabric mill was open last week, so I headed over. Guess what! They had already made Sunbrella covers for $10 each. I had frequent shopper dollars, so 4 covers cost $8.00!!!! They have a beautiful yellow pattern that will look awesome with my pale blue chairs. This IS the year of yellow!

    By the way, I always read all of the reader comments too! I love hearing what everyone has to share.

    • says

      Ooh. You could have lost so much! It’s very surprising, but I’m so glad your blooms weren’t damaged. What a score you made! I can’t believe the deal you got. Isn’t it nice to get in on a great deal? I’ll bet you’ve been kicking up your heals all week! I’m learning that many of you may be comment readers. The discussion is one of my favorite things. Thanks for chatting often!

  3. Libba says

    I love reading the comments too and always looking for ideas, even though I’m not able to do much yard work any more. I had yellow top shrubs across the front of my other house and it had gotten to the point that the deer kept it stripped. My former neighbor across the street had found some deer proof plants somewhere and put them out. I don’t remember what they were, but the last I noticed, they were doing okay. After my house burned, and also that I’m not able to work much with flowers now, I used nandinas for my shrub across the front. For some reason, deer do not like them. I did put periwinkles out and they were pretty all summer. Just as they were beginning to finish their blooming season, the deer found them and literally stripped them. I’m putting them out again, hoping the deer don’t find them because we do like the blooms. It’s like living in a forest here, right in town, with the deer, squirrels, raccoons and opossums.

    • says

      Thank you! My mom has always liked reading the comments, too. It’s nice when everyone shares, and we all learn more that way! It is amazing how many wild animals survive right in town. We do have a lot of woods surrounding, though. I hope your periwinkles do well this year! 🙂

    • says

      They do remind me so much of our southern states. If you don’t have one, I’m sure you enjoy those in your area. Right?