What’s Blooming Wednesday #35

Finally…the first What’s Blooming Wednesday for 2016.

Yes, I have yellow (Sunbrella Sunflower) blooming on the back porch now, too.  The glider’s puffy cushions were much more difficult to re-cover than the front porch cushions.

Back Porch Sunbrella Covered Cushions
The basket on the wall is new.  I visited a garden center recently that had several of these baskets filled with beautiful hot pink Mandevilla.  They were a special order for a woman, so all were claimed and not for sale.

I purchased a basket and planted the white Mandevilla.  It just doesn’t pack enough punch after seeing the hot pink.

White Mandevilla

Another shipment of hot pink Mandevilla is due this week.  Guess what color of Mandevilla this will be next week?  You got it!  Hot pink.

I planted a mosquito plant (Citronella) in the center of this white yarrow that’s just reviving from dormancy.  It’ll bloom later this summer.  These pots are a pair – one at each end of the porch for protection from mosquitoes.

Citronella and Yarrow

Across the patio, Harry Lauder is sprouting leaves.  Those twisty branches are so fun to use in arrangements.

Harry Lauder

Around on the side of the house, this monster is growing a few leaves.  I wish I knew the solution for making this fig tree grow into the shape of a tree – rather than a fish bowl.  Ha!

Fig Tree

I’ve never seen anything so ugly.  Have you?

Out in the yard, the pear tree has beautiful blooms.  I got a closer look yesterday as I strolled through the yard with my camera and Sir Winston in tow.

Pear Tree Blooms

Weeds by the dry creek bed are giving tiny blue flowers.  Pretty, even though they’re weeds.

Blue Weed Flowers by the Creek

The Southern Magnolia provides leaves for our arrangements all year around in the south.  They’re the mainstay for southerners in general and Mississippians in particular since the bloom is our state flower.

Southern Magnolia Tree

Nearby, the second red bud is blooming profusely.  It’s short-lived, but it’s stunning.

Red Bud Tree

The Chinese Snowball Bush on the back side of the house is beginning to break out into bloom.

Chinese Snowball Bush

It’s funny how blooms begin developing way before leaves appear.

Chinese Snowball Bush

Winston did good keeping out of my pictures until here at the snowball bush.  He’s investigating the yard (weeds) closely.  😉

It’s a beautiful week so far here in The Land of Making Do.  How are things in your land?  Do you have lots of blooms yet?


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  1. Lyn says

    There is nothing blooming up here in the north country…..but hopefully soon there will be. Love seeing all the different colors srouting up where you are. Thanks for sharing. I have never used a mosquito plant does it work to keep the mosquitos away? If so I am going to get me one of those and what color do they grow into?

    • says

      I guess it is early yet for your blooms, Lyn. We get them very early here, so I hope this post gives you a peek at what’s ahead for you! We (thankfully!) don’t have many mosquitoes where we are now. I’m sorry I can’t say how well the plants work in heavy mosquito areas. For me, I think I’d have to set it directly under my chair and swish the branches often because I’m a mosquito magnet! The smell is very nice, and it would be worth a try for you. I don’t think they bloom. They stay green and grow larger – to about 18 inches or so in a large pot. Happy Wednesday, Lyn!

    • says

      Patio peach trees are a wonderful idea! I planted five fruit trees too far from the house for proper care. The pear is the only remaining fruit tree! Well, except for the fig I replanted closer to the house. Can you really call that a tree at this point? Haha! We have that late frost every year it seems. Messes things up here, too. I pulled up my Lady Banks last year. It was in a bad location, and I couldn’t find another spot for it along a fence without the horses getting to it. I think they’d butcher themselves trying to eat them – and may be poisonous for horses. I can’t remember. Lady Banks are so hardy, I think yours will be fine. The frost will probably shorten their bloom time, though. We’ll see… 🙂

  2. Robin says

    Gotta laugh at the fig tree…it seems it has a mind of its own! Love your blooms! So pretty!
    Sir Winston….gotta love him. More pix of him, pretty please. I love his expressions! Reminds me of “somedoggy” I know! HA!

    My daughter’s future garden is now sprouting in the dining room window…only took about 3 days! I was surprised it is growing THAT fast…Figures…I don’t have the greenhouse up yet. (Nor do I feel like doing it!) Oh goody…another project I need to do RIGHT NOW! OY! LOL

    I am almost finished my Mystery Crochet-Along Project….then I will TRY (see how I said TRY?LOL) to finish my daughter’s poncho. It’s mostly one stitch but you can’t SEE what you are doing because the yarn is fuzzy, so you can’t have ANY interruptions when counting stitches. And you know how THAT goes! EVERYbody needs an answer to something as soon as I start. I just count out loud and then they know I will get to them after I am done the row. But you would THINK they would know this BY NOW, right?????? I dunno. LOL I tell myself the poncho can wait…it’s almost spring and it’s made partly of wool…so it really COULD wait….and I could have it done for fall. But do I wanna chance it getting buried in a pile and me forgetting about it? Not that THAT has happened EVER. LOL!!

    Quincy is doing well…I taught him to roll over. He only works for treats. No freebies! haha!
    I am proud of myself. It’s my 1st REAL dog trick-teaching. I want him to play dead, so I can pretend to shoot him, and make my dad laugh so hard he falls off his chair. I think he would LOVE that trick…he’s a wild west old movie guy.

    We have not gotten the “shooting and falling down” part yet. I can get him to lay still (dead), but his tail just won’t die! That in itself is hilarious. He now barks at the windshield wipers. ????? The other morning he was on her lap as I drove her to the bus stop and I needed to wipe the windows. He went nuts, jumping at the windshield and barking that BIG DOG bark…the loud echo-y one. (He is 21 pounds but ya wouldn’t know it when he barks like that!) Now I have dog nose spots and drool on my windshield. I hate cleaning the inside of the windshield….no matter WHAT I use (newspaper and streakless cleaner) there are smears. It’s just me, I guess. LOL

    He does not even flinch when the mail lady, Fedex or UPS guy come and THUMP a box on the porch and the screen door slams. He barks at my hubby when he is coming to the door, like he is a burgler.

    We kid and say he is thinking “Must protect family”. He barks at NOTHING sometimes. I mean nobody is even outside all the way down the street (we have farm and woods on 2 sides and neighbors who are not home during the day), and he is barking like someone is at the door. ????

    The dog is looney, I tell ya. hahaha He makes life interesting. Never a dull moment around here. “Mr Barky” is having his after-eating-waiting-for-mommy-to-get-dressed-so-I-can-go-for-a-walk nap. Oh wait, he is now staring at me like “would you come on already”. LOL Gotta go!

    • says

      Haha! Our Winston is a little looney, too. He barks at us and tries to talk, and we can’t figure out what he’s trying to tell us. It’s very annoying, and his bark hurts my ears! He is a great guard dog, though. Last week, he barked as our daughter turned into the driveway a half of a mile away…before we noticed her. He was standing in the kitchen, not even looking out a window…just casually noticed from the corner of his eye, it seemed. It’s comforting, though. I’d love to see Quincy perform his new trick. Good luck with the shooting and falling down thing. That’ll be a hoot!