What’s Blooming Wednesday #31 – The Music of Fall

There’s not much new around here as far as blooms go.  You’ll see there’s plenty going on critter-wise, though.

The red cockscomb still show off bright coloring.  They dance in the breeze as if in anticipation of cooler days.  Are you dancing with excitement over the coming cool, crisp days?  I am!

Red Cockscomb Blooms

Mrs. Corn Spider is quietly preparing.  How very Halloween  she looks!

Mrs. Corn Spider

She appears to be dangerous and will bite if threatened, but her bite is harmless to humans.  (That’s why I decided to keep her.)

These spiders have many names besides corn spider…zipper spider (from the zig-zag in her web), black and yellow garden spider, x spider, banana spider, and the most famous – the writing spider.  Remember Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web?  She was a writing spider.

Remember Charlotte wrote in her web to save Wilbur?


Yep, he’s here to watch over this Charlotte…and her babies due soon.

Spider Egg Sack

She formed the egg sack last week, then took it somewhere safe, like to the bush beside her web.  Now, she’s just very active in her web.

Mrs. Corn Spider

I wonder if she’s preparing to write.  Silently studying the English language perhaps?  Ha!

Soybean crops are nearly ready for harvest.


The roar of combine engines will soon fill the air.

Crops Ready for Harvest

A gaggle of geese just flew overhead, honking their music loudly.  I can hear them from my club chair inside!

Coasters in the family room remind us of work and joy of country life.  😉

Country Life Coaster

Life is Country

Meanwhile, the Black-eyed Susans around the bird house are falling asleep.  Ho – hum…’tis the season.

Bird House and Rudebekia

Did you notice the light color beyond the fence?  That’s hay on the ground.

Over the last two weeks, it was cut, baled and stacked at the barn for winter.

Hay in Winrows

Saturday, HH moved the horses onto this pasture – behind the house.  We only move them away during summer so this special hybrid horse hay can grow here for winter.  This is their true home, though.

Horses at the Barn

We love seeing them out our windows as they munch, play, and sometimes rare up and fight!  The three amigos entertain us so.  Yee-haw!

I miss them when they’re in the north pasture.  They feel so far away, but it’s just beyond the barn…not that far, actually.

Barn and North Pasture

It’s not like we’re on The Ponderosa!

And, they’re off – hooves pounding, a sound of thunder.

Horses Playing

Home sweet home!

Horses at Home

Ah…the seasons of life.

For row crops and spiders, the seasons are fast.  Life is short.

What’s changing through seasons at your house?  Has your weather turned cool yet?




  1. Donna Nance says

    What a beautiful place to live! Do you ride? Our oldest daughter lives in McKinney and they would like for us to move down there from Indianapolis. Probably won’t happen at this point in our lives.

    • says

      Thank you, Donna. I rode a little until I was thrown with my face in the dirt! HH rides, but not with me. :0. My vote is for you to make the move if at all possible. Country life is so peaceful!

  2. Cindy says

    Has our weather turned cool, you ask? Haahahahahahaa. Yesterday’s high…105! But, not to worry, when the North is freezing to death, Phoenix will be gorgeous.

    • says

      That heat sure is hanging on, especially in some parts of the country. I often envy our northern friends who have cooler temps early. Sorry…I hope things cool off for y’all soon!

  3. says

    I loved seeing photos of your farm and what is going on right now, just beautiful. I’m sure it’s quite a peaceful and fulfilling way to live…I do dread spider “season” though, and their giant webs!
    Jenna recently posted…Tablescapes, Bottoms Up!My Profile

    • says

      Thank you. Life is calm and serene here. Surely it’s much like your beach home is for you. Mrs. Corn Spider’s eggs will blow away in the wind. Yay! I won’t have a bazillion of these spiders living on the porch!

    • says

      Thank you, Pam! See how much our places are similar and yet different? I’m so looking forward to our cooler temps…can’t be too soon for me, but I know it’ll only be temporary. :-/

  4. teresa says

    I love today’s post; your property is so beautiful. Even with all the hard work it entails, it must be a joy to experience each day. I LOVE the spider picture.s I have one on my porch that makes a huge web each night, but takes it down in the morning except for the mainstays. It’s amazing to watch her spin it. I have another window that must be just right for little spiders as a second one has set up housekeeping. I always see the egg sacks, but somehow miss them hatching. They’re so industrious.

    • says

      Thank you! It is amazing to watch them spin their webs. We have several in the yard that do like yours…spin a new one every night. We have to watch closely in the dark…take a flashlight, or we’ll walk right into a huge web with a very large spider like Mrs. Corn Spider. Yikes!