What’s Blooming Wednesday #29

I wanted to title this post something like “DIY Rain” or  “How to Make it Rain”.  But, I didn’t want to give the wrong impression.  I want to make it clear that I know I’m not God.  He IS THE weatherman!

Oh, how we needed rain.  Our leased farmer’s soybeans look healthy overall and are growing on schedule.  As with every summer, though, each dry spell holds impending doom.  It had been far too long since the last soaking rain.

Soybean Crop

So, I did three things yesterday that I felt, due to Murphy’s Law, were sure to bring rain. 😉  First, I watered all the shrubs and flowers, then I sprayed weed-killer, and then I placed a project needing 24 hours of sunshine out on the patio table – something that must not get wet.

Project on Patio

After all the watering and spraying, later in the afternoon…rain!  See, that’s how you control the rain (wink).

Don’t worry – I removed the patio items before leaving home for the afternoon.  Last night, just before dusk, I surveyed what used to be mostly flowerless, struggling plants.  After the rain, they’ve perked right up!

These Cleome blooms volunteered behind the air conditioning units.  They get about half day of sun, so they’re surviving pretty well.


Since Cockscomb are pretty hardy, they’ve grown well in full scorching sun – although, the blooms aren’t developed yet.  The red stemmed plants will be the pinkish red/rust combo you saw last year.  I dried the blooms last Fall and sprinkled seeds around in mid June (a little late, I believe).


In another bed, there’s one yellow Cockscomb blooming – well, beginning to, anyway.

Yellow Cockscomb

There are only yellow ones in this grouping.  To the left, you see the played-out Black-eyed Susans peeking into our view.

Cockscomb Plantings

I didn’t show you the horror of our fig tree.  I forgot to take a picture until I was half finished trimming it, but this is how it looked in early spring.

Trimming Fig Tree

Isn’t that the ugliest thing?  The branches grow from the bottom of the plant each year, so I cut them off during winter.  I almost missed cutting it this year.

It looked much nicer after trimming those dead branches.

Fig Tree, Trimmed

It’s grown back almost to full size now.  After our hard rain and winds yesterday, it wilted badly.  The figs are just beginning to develop.  Most people have their figs ready for picking.  Not this tree…always later in August for some reason.

Fig Tree

It needs a nickname…maybe MONSTER.   It looks so beastly!

I found one lone hydrangea bloom the other day, so I brought it inside to enjoy while it lasts.  New blooms are rare in our heat (in The Land of Making Do,  at least).

Hydrangea Bloom

I hope your blooms are still pretty.  Are they?  Or, am I the only lazy gardener this year who refused to drag hoses around while hoping rainfall was sufficient?  :-/


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  1. Robin says

    Name the fig tree BEAST (as in Beauty and the Beast)….monster looking on the outside but SWEET (see how I did that! LOL) on the inside!

    We had rain hit late last night…a downpour. My husband was laying on the bed and he said in a somewhat weary but satisfied voice, “I am soooo glad I got that lawn done!” LOL Cuz ’round here lately ya just don’t know if a sudden downpour is just that OR a day or 2 of constant rain.

    (We have more than half an acre and are down to the PUSH mower only… until he has time to fix the ride on. So mowing takes a good 2 evenings to complete each week.)

    The weather channel app on my phone can’t even keep up with the changing weather. Every few hours it can change. Rain? What rain? Or …”it did not say rain for today…what the heck IS this?!” LOL! :-/

    • says

      I like it! BEAST it is! The weather sure is unpredictable, isn’t it?!? I hope you get your riding mower repaired soon…a half acre is a lot of grass for a push-mower. Good exercise, though. 😉

  2. Libba Criddle says

    Proud you commented on your fig tree. I never cut mine back unless it’s getting too big. Didn’t think I was supposed to do that but now I guess I know. However, this year, first time ever, lots of the outer branches are dead and we just have not been able to get them cut. Do you cut yours back this far every year? Will get that done someday. However, the tree is loaded with figs and I noticed that a few are beginning to ripen. They are small though, I suppose because of the dry weather and I haven’t watered them as I should. Maybe we’ll have some figs anyway, even if they are late. The rain yesterday surely was nice. God always knows when we need it.

    • says

      I don’t think that’s the usual practice for fig trees. I bought two different types and only one survived, so I don’t know which type I have. It grows strange, through, with no center trunk, just loads of branches in that bowl shape. I wish I had a fig tree shaped like a real tree that you can stand under and pick the figs. Oh, well, I’ll just visit Allison and stand under hers! 🙂