What’s Blooming Wednesday #23

Happy hump day!  I’m glad you’re here for a visit – to see what’s blooming this week in The Land of Making Do.  To update you on our wind storm a couple of weeks ago, here’s the eucalyptus tree I mentioned in my last WBW post.

Dead Eucalyptus Tree

After closer inspection, it’s confirmed.   It is dead and was dead before being blown over.  Suzy-Q concurs.

Eucalyptus Roots

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) gave me some wisteria seeds from the grounds of a nearby antebellum home.  I’m thinking of sticking a couple in the dirt while it’s loose after removing the tree.  With nothing to climb onto, it’ll grow to be like a large bush.  What do you think?

The arbor vitae looked like it might need re-planting completely.

Blown Over Arbor Vitae

HH to the rescue!  He was able to tie it up since it wasn’t uprooted by the wind – just leaning.

Straightened Arbor Vitae

There were a few iris blooms when the storm came, but now there are many.

Heirloom White Iris

Our yard looks pretty bad since the weed killer did its job.  By June, the Bermuda grass will be pretty, green, and filling in nicely.

Over by the knock-outs, a few iris blooms are opening.  I love color contrasts.  Do you?  Or, do you prefer softer blends?

Iris and Roses

The oregano is growing really well.

Oregano, Iris, Roses

That reminds me.  I need to get the flat-leaf parsley and basil started.  I’ll get on that after we’re home from summer trips.  No sense in starting something and not being here to water it.


Do you enjoy fresh herbs with summer veggies as much as I do?

I’m glad I contained this mint.  It winters well here and is caged to prevent its invasive travel when planted in the ground.

Fresh Mint

It’s always a nice surprise to see the peony blooms each spring, especially after moving them to a new location.

Peony Blooms

Why don’t these pink peonies bloom?  The pink buds are struggling to open.  I’ve never had more than one or two blooms open up.

Pink Peony Buds

Maybe I need to raise their support ring higher…let those little guys see Mr. Sun.

The False Indigo Baptisia buds are opening.  You saw some Purple Smoke Baptisia in my Pasta on the Porch tablescape post, so I didn’t take a picture of that one, just this False Indigo.  They’re very similar, of course.

False Indigo Baptisia

Take a deep breath, and don’t let this next pot scare you.  I let the yarrow winter here on the back porch.  The new sprouts look so pretty.  I stopped removing the dead stems when red wasps swarmed.  Yikes!  They must have nests under there!

Wintered Pots

Apple mint (in the front pot) winters well outside, even when neglected.

The winter before last, I brought the yarrow indoors.  That was a disaster for the dining room!  I don’t like having that much dirt inside the house.  Do you have a problem with that, too?

Do you have a sun room for bringing plants indoors?  Where do you over-winter your pots?   I hope you’ll have some good suggestions to share!

Blessings, y’all~

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  1. Libba Criddle says

    I didn’t know you had that much windstorm. Sorry you lost you eucalyptus tree. Wisteria will look good as a bush but you will have to keep it trimmed and be sure to plant in bright sun. For years I had one that was in partial shade and the only blooms it ever had were on the side where the morning sun hit. Finally cut it down and letting it run up the sweetgum tree now, that I don’t mind losing. It hasn’t bloomed yet but hopefully it will. My white iris have not bloomed yet and they usually bloom before the purple. The purple are blooming. My fuchsia peony has 7 beautiful blooms this year. After my mother passed away, I dug it up from her house and it is so pretty this year, just in time for Mother’s day. I may be wrong but your buds look like they may have brown edges on them. Have you checked for bugs, or lice? Go to msucares.edu and see what you can find on there.

    Are y’all going biking? I know you’ll enjoy the trip . Be careful.

    • says

      Thank you! Yes, the edges of the pink buds are starting to turn brown. They do that every year. I’ve heard they need ants to make them bloom, and we put out ant killer recently. Wasps have been all over them, though. I would love to see your fuchsia blooms! How special that they were your mother’s. The wisteria will be out in full sun, away from any tree to climb. I appreciate your helpful advice. We’ll see you Sunday! 🙂