What’s Blooming Wednesday #27 – in Minnesota

Three days after returning from the girls’ trip in Louisiana, I hopped on the back of HH’s motorcycle and took off to Minnesota for ten days.  It was very early June and the peak temps were still barely into the low 70’s when we arrived.

We stayed in Grand Rapids for part of the week and made day trips to different areas each day, which isn’t normally our way for these trips.  It was nice to settle into one hotel rather than moving from place to place every night.

Temperatures when we left Grand Rapids each morning were in the 50’s and 60’s – too cold for my taste.  Layering was essential!

One morning we were delayed in leaving, so I snapped pictures of a couple of flowering bushes in the hotel landscaping.  I’d had my eye on these dainties and enjoyed time for a closer look.

Flowering Shrub

It surprised me that these base plantings could have blooms with such cool nights.

Hotel Shrubery

Here’s a closer view of the violet blooms that remind me of stringy bows on packages.

Violet Bloom

The Aspen trees were my favorites, especially when mixed with evergreens in the landscape.  I was unable to get a good picture of white trunks against deep shades of evergreens, my favorite roadside view from that week.

Aspen Trees

HH saw a bear on a side road in an area that looked much like these trees, but I didn’t see it.  We turned around and went back for a picture, but the bear was gone…probably into the woods.  Someone else from our group saw it, too, so it was nice to have HH’s story corroborated (wink).

We stopped for lunch and a picture of Smokey the Bear in International Falls, which has the coldest temps in the U.S. on most winter days.  Brrr….

Smokey Bear

We ventured close to the Canadian border and discussed being at the northern-most U.S. spot while one month earlier being at the southern-most spot in Key West – totally unintentional, and a nice thought for motorcycle statistics (but who’s keeping track, right?).

We drove to Lake Superior early in our trip.  It looks like the ocean, which is a more normal view for us southern dwellers.

Lake Superior

We visited Itasca State Park to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi Head Waters

It was quiet, calm, and peaceful.

Headwaters of the Mississippi

Ducks played and bathed.


We took a stroll across this stable walkway.

Water Inlet

I enjoyed closer views of flowering trees and a smooth, shady pathway.

Flowering Tree or Bush

We passed by another lake that resembled the size of Lake Superior.  Minnesota has larger lakes than I’ve ever seen!

Huge Lake

I wish I could share all we saw during the week, like the light house, local lunch spots, and all those things that are fun for a group to explore.

We finished our trip in La Crosse, Wisconsin, another beautiful area with neat downtown shops of antiques (where cyclists can spend the day when it’s pouring rain).

Do you enjoy seeing foliage in other parts of the country?  Isn’t it interesting to see blooms and greenery different from your own area?


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  1. Robin says

    I love the pix! The trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! Your pix and great story are a nice change of pace today. We had a BAD storm last night in NJ and hundreds of thousands of us r without power still. We have a (loud. Lol) generator running on our front porch. We have the fridge and a portable AC hooked up. We use a 3rd outlet for other things as we need them …microwave, phone charger, and the LR lamp (tonight). Looks like a camp out in the LR tonight! Lol. Our cable is also out so no land phone line yet. I am reading email on my phone for a bit. But don’t wanna use up too much data in one day! So thanks for the lovely pix and story about ur trip! I really enjoyed them!

    • says

      Oh, Robin, I’m sorry about your power outage! I know about the sound of a generator, and it’s no fun. Ear plugs would be helpful, I guess. Maybe the generator will keep your food well and keep you cool in the heat. I’m glad you enjoyed the Minnesota pics. I hope you get your power back very soon!

      • Robin says

        Power came back on last night! WHOOHOO! What a surprise! Cable/internet/phone was back on this morning. My parents still have NADA. Just praying it is SOON. Older people shouldn’t be in the dark at all. (My parents happen to be gym rats so they are in pretty good shape! LOL) After the storm the temp dropped 20 degrees, and it’s only in the 80s this week! I was thanking God for that! But I have to admit…27 hours without lights was still too many hours for me! We are soooo spoiled in this day and age! We will be putting the generator out back when we get it a permanent home. We will be hooking it up so that it will go on automatically when there is an outage. I am going to talk my parents into getting one as well. They had to haul some meats to my sister’s freezer. They have 2 fridges plus a full freezer. Maybe my dad will not hoard frozen food as much after this. hahaha

        • says

          Oh, good! I’m glad that worked well for you. Yes, we are completely spoiled, and I hope your parents get their power on soon. In terms of frozen foods getting a big thaw, it’s a great time for neighbors to fire up the grills!