How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

After publishing my post last Wednesday, I Pinned this picture of my friend’s ladder to my ladder board.  The next time I need to do something with a ladder, this is it (or something similar)!

Old Ladder Yard Art

And you know what happens the minute you stick even your toe  inside Pinterest.  You never come out!  (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

Somehow I ventured onto a ladder with a bird house collection – situated in a garden.  That checked off two boxes at once for me.  Do you have bird houses scattered here and there?

Since things gathered into a collection grab our attention better, I decided to do just that.  Remember how I revived this old ladder with chalk paint?  It’s been useful for so many things, and I do love the bird houses gathered into a collection.

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

Here are a few of my favorite ideas I found on Pinterest.  Click below the picture to visit the site.

Don’t these remind you of a country town or village?

c1687fd2e239cbe0aecb9c073e95a494Image Source

This idea reminds me of my friend’s fence we saw last week – except her houses were lined across the top.  I really like this colorful display!

0dad64fad8f469e22e2167e14611f1c4Image Source

Be sure to visit this site.  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors gives an awesome tour – inside and out!

34ac71929bcb97eb20a6e886c9fd1519Image Source

This is such a neat feature for a live tree.  (I hope it doesn’t hurt it, though, with all the nail holes.)

1052084Image Source

This color collection is amazing – a feast for the eyes!

bf47dfa75f732caa1260b32148f4887bImage Source

This final picture isn’t a collection of bird houses, but with my attraction to vintage camper trailers, I couldn’t resist.  Ha!

1cc55a24a6f88feb9d36bed93a2bfe51Image Source

Look out.  I think a vintage camper trailer Christmas is coming…

I pinned all of these ideas onto my In The Garden board on Pinterest.

If you need more inspiration (and even for some indoor bird house collections), check out these ideas on Houzz.

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

Have you enjoyed checking out these examples as much as I did?  Have any examples here sparked some inspiration for you like they did for me?