What To Do When the Internet’s Down – It’s a Sign

How I missed you!  I usually publish a post on Wednesdays.  And, I normally have posts written at least a couple of days ahead of time.  On Tuesday morning, I knew time was drawing near.  Wednesday was only one day away, and I had nothing new blooming here at Hood Manor. (More about Hood Manor later.)

Just as I began researching something other than what’s blooming, our internet service vanished.  From Tuesday morning until evening, we had no service.  After coming back up Tuesday night, it’s been off and on constantly.  In the midst of anything since, boom!  It’s gone.  (Until this post.)

Tuesday night, I shrugged and said, “Oh, well.”  I realize you don’t have to hear from me on all the usual days, but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you.  On Wednesday morning, it seemed strange to not send out a post.  All day yesterday, service was spotty at best, and I tried several times to upload a video I made for a surprise I’ve been working on.  When uploading, I can do nothing else on the computer.  Nothing.

Bottom line…I had nothing to do during each video upload crawl  (and then failure each time – ugh!) except to clean the house.  As I cleaned, this was on my mind.

Cabinet Door Sign @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

Ha!  Yes, it got me through the day yesterday, and as I made my way to the project studio, the cabinet door sign idea came to mind.  Good thing I have all those extra cabinet doors.  Thanks, HBD (Handy Builder Dad)!

What To Do When The Internet's Down

So, next time your internet service is down, be sure to clean the house, organize your desk, set your tables for future meals, and then you can have a little painting fun in your creative space.  🙂

I have no in-process pictures since I’ve shown you before how I make them.  It’s just lettering stencils…

What To Do When The Internet's Down

and some paint pens from HobLob.

Paint Pens

The paint pens dry very quickly.  This cabinet door sign took about thirty minutes to make.  I know.  It’s almost too easy!

What To Do When The Internet's Down

It’s a fun addition to the other signs in my creative place.  Humor is always good to add to your spaces – creative or otherwise.  🙂

OK, about Hood Manor.  I mentioned that term in Tuesday’s Birthday Tablescape post.  I realized recently that the name The Land of Making Do  isn’t so accurate anymore.  We’re beyond “making do”.  Actually, we’re doing quite well when it comes to finding the things we need.

At first it was hard because nothing is convenient like it was in Georgia.  Everything was within a mile of our house!  After moving here, everything is fifteen to thirty miles away – and sometimes more, depending on what it is we need.

Those of you who receive my posts by email may have noticed the hoodmanor email address.  That started years ago when Spunky Daughter, at nine, recorded our phone message saying, “Hello!  This is Hood Manor…” in her made-up little British accent.  Well, it stuck.  We’ve called our home Hood Manor since that time, so I decided to go public with it.  🙂

What do you do when your internet is down?  Do you clean your house?





  1. Libba says

    It took me a while to realize the Internet was actually down. I thought it was another Senior Citizen mistake of not knowing how to use the computer, so I kept trying to correct it for a long while. I had gotten a new photo program and downloaded it into my computer. It wasn’t long after that I couldn’t get on the internet. I always mess something up when I try something new so I thought I had messed something up when I downloaded the new program, and just sat here trying to get it back on. Finally gave up and decided it must be the internet. Learned yesterday that it truly was the internet and not this old lady. I too did a little cleaning that I had already needed to do.

    • says

      I understand completely! Although, HH always knows immediately when we’re down because the lights on the router change – and then he does a speed test. Tuesday was definitely a day to get some videos made, but trying to upload them has been a challenge. I’m still trying without success. Our service still isn’t right. HH’s brother works for ATT, and he says it may take a few days to actually repair a problem. This initial “quick” fix was simply a band-aid to get us going again. Oh, well…such is life. We may get more cleaning done yet! I hope you have fun with your new program! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you. Things go haywire with every rain, which lately is daily. I know! We’re so blessed to have the rain, so I can’t complain too much about the internet issues. 😉

  2. Robin says

    My internet has a mind of its own. Lol it doesn’t go down often but I get that “Page not reponsive” message about 100 times a day. And I wait. And wait. So I get up and do something else. Comcast said it was my computer. Well I have a brand new out of the box computer and guess what? Same stupid thing. Lol I hate calling them. It takes going thru about 6 people who have no clue to get to one who MAYBE does. Oy. Lol Calling them is on next week’s to do list.

    • says

      It doesn’t surprise me that you’ve proven Comcast wrong. I hope they will do something to improve your reception. Good luck with that! 🙂