What God Promises if We Come to Him

There are so many promises of God in the Bible – too many to count.  How encouraging, right?

Could you use a little encouragement from the Lord?  I sure could.

Let’s begin today. We’ll look at a promise each Sunday.  We probably would never cover them all, but I’ll highlight one each week – at least for a couple of months, maybe longer.  We all need encouragement from God’s promises!

Could you use some rest?  Couldn’t we all?


This verse in Matthew puts us completely in a place of mental rest when our burdens are heavy.  Go to the Lord with your burdens and worries.  We can rest in Him.  Quietly think about that for a few minutes.

God is so good!  Isn’t He?  Don’t you want to pray a prayer of thanksgiving right now?

It’s a spectacular Sunday, so we praise our Lord with thanksgiving.