What Foods Do You Hope Will Be in Heaven?

I have had such a fun weekend.  (I hope you have, too!) Two of my dearest friends, D and G, from my old neighborhood in Georgia came to visit.  After ten years of only seeing them occasionally, we got together two weeks ago when HH and I visited Atlanta on a business trip for him (a play trip for me) and now again this soon after here in The Land of Making Do.

You’d think we’d run out of things to talk about after our time together on my trip there.  But NO!  We will never run out of words!  (Our husbands know this, so you might as well know it, too.)

A local friend told me The Biscuit Shop  in Starkville, MS, has biscuit-making classes sometimes.  So, I called them to ask if I could schedule a fun class for us.  They had no classes available yesterday (Saturday).  We decided to have our own “class” and make our own biscuits in my kitchen using my recently updated 3-Ingredient Scratch Biscuits recipe.

I recently changed the way I make my biscuits slightly and discovered a much easier way to roll them out, so they wanted to see it for themselves.  (I really need to make a video to show you exactly how easy it is.)

D brought me her home-made strawberry and blackberry jams, so we enjoyed both of those treats on our biscuits.  As we sat in my kitchen practically swallowing our tongues, D said she hoped these biscuits would be in heaven if we find we get to eat when we get there.  (Thank you, D, for that sweet compliment.  Your jams are heavenly, too!))


I’m not saying there’s a slight against heaven (or God) if there’s no food in heaven.  But…if there is food (including jam and biscuits), we will eat biscuits to the glory of God!  He is the Lord of all, the best Giver of all, and the most generous Blesser of all!

Our topic moved on to Krispy Kreme™ donuts (D has a flashing KK hot light on her Christmas tree each year just like we do).  D laughed and told how her family loves to visit Krispy Kreme™ when the hot light is on and longingly watch the “fountain of love” flow over the freshly baked donuts in anticipation of those melt-in-your-mouth delectables traveling down their throats.  We joked about how fun it would be to have those donuts with that fountain of love  in heaven.

But, wait!  There already is a fountain of love  in heaven!  It’s not a sweet, sticky, silky-smooth layering of white glaze…but the Love of the Lord that will cover every crack and crevice of our heavenly bodies completely and perfectly.  The better part is that we don’t have to wait for it in anticipation like standing at Krispy Kreme’s clear window for viewing.

The fountain of love from God can fill us while we’re here on earth even better than the (white glaze) fountain of love from Krispy Kreme™.   He continually calls us to come to Him to be filled with the sweet goodness of His complete and perfect love.

We don’t have to die to get it…He died for us to get it!  God’s fountain of love will fill us forever…and we never have to be tempted by a Krispy Kreme™ fountain of love again (except for a fun family time of stomach-filling).  When the Lord satisfies our souls, there’s no true need for anything else.

I hope these thoughts of heaven and God’s perfect love (and a little earthly pleasure from Krispy Kreme™) fills your heart with joy on this spectacular Sunday.


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  1. Penny says

    Hi Kim,
    Your post made me smile. I never really thought of food in Heaven before. Thank-you so much for your tips and your recipe, it looks like an easy and good one to follow. I watched the video and took away some good tips from it.

    Take care,


    • says

      Thank you, Pam. It was such a great weekend with my friends and fun to write a little about our conversations. These are two of my favorite sisters in Christ!