What Fathers Lie About

What dad wouldn’t give up everything for their kid(s)?  Some dads sacrifice more for their kids than others.  Others don’t always have to,  but they would if they had to.


Children are our heritage, so we provide for them in all the ways we can.  Sometimes they recognize it…and sometimes they don’t.

If you’re a dad, thank you for all the things you do for your children.  If you have a dad, hopefully you understand all he has sacrificed for you.

If you are a Christian, the Lord is your heavenly Father who sacrificed his son, Jesus, so He could have a relationship with you.  I’m thankful today for my earthly dad and my heavenly dad.  Are you?

Happy Father’s Day on this spectacular Sunday!




  1. Libba says

    If you still have your Dad with you, visit with him and talk with him, do all you can for him, while you still have him. He can be taken away suddenly, as mine was at age 45. He’s been gone since 1961 and I’ve thought of so many things that I wish I had done for him. Even though he’s walking in Glory with his Lord, I would love to see him, and talk with him just one more time.

    • says

      Hi! We just returned home from visiting PAM and HBD for the weekend. Thank you for your advice. I tried to make Dad’s coffee this morning like he does for me all the time. We enjoyed our visit…just too short, like always. I’m sorry you lost your dad so early. You will see him again – for eternity. Death does not defeat us, thanks to Jesus! 🙂

  2. Rhonda says

    Daddy, what I wouldn’t give to hear you tell me one more time that you love me; to tell you once more how much I love you and how thankful I am to have had you as my earthly dad. I know you are whole again and that helps when I miss you so. Your love for me has made it so easy to love my Heavenly Father. I am who I am in part because you told me there was nothing that I couldn’t do with God’s help. ” I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence come th my help…”. Ps: 121:1
    Mountains of love,

    • says

      Thank you for this, Rhonda. I’m sorry your dad is gone. What sweet memories you have! Your comment will help others. That’s the perfect Psalm…and song! 🙂

    • says

      Yes, I can tell by all you’ve shared about him that your dad is a keeper! I hope he had a wonderful Father’s Day. I know you showered him with love!