What Are You Waiting For?

Sometimes we see obstacles in life as God’s way of saying we’re on the wrong path.

Did we hear you wrong, Lord? 

Is this not what you wanted us to do?

Have you considered that maybe it’s a time of testing?  In The Book of Haggai (the very short book), a remnant of God’s people has returned from captivity in Babylon.

The mood of the people as they returned was one of great hope and expectation.  They anticipated rebuilding their lives and their temple.  Then things got hard.  Major obstacles pulled down their hope.  They stalled their movement forward.

Have you ever been through such a time?  Maybe you felt God directing you in an area, so you moved forward, only to be met with hardship.  How did you react?

God appeared to Haggai the prophet, telling him to tell His people:  Get back to work.

This is what the Lord Almighty says:  Consider how things are going for you!  You have planted much but harvested little.  You have food to eat, but not enough to fill you up.  You have wine to drink, but not enough to satisfy your thirst.  You have clothing to wear, but not enough to keep you warm.  Your wages disappear as though you were putting them in pockets filled with holes! (Haggai 1:5-6)

They were just like us!  We get so busy with life, working to pay our bills and put food on the table…the hamster wheel spins and spins…and we’re not getting anywhere.

How can we serve God when mere survival takes all our time and attention?

God explains later in the chapter that He put those obstacles there.  God was calling them to turn to Him, worship Him, and move forward with building His Temple…in spite  of all the hardships.

Haggai 1:8

The hardships weren’t intended as a sign to stop their purpose.  But that’s what they did.  And, that’s what we tend to do, too, isn’t it?

The Lord takes pleasure in our action.  Even in the face of obstacles, we need to proceed.  Acting on His plan  proves we have faith in God as we move forward – no matter the circumstances.

So, what circumstances are hindering you today?  What are you waiting for?

Have a spectacular Sunday, y’all!


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  1. Libba says

    Great thought for today. Through the things we’ve been through during the past two years, it makes me realize more just how God takes care of us and caused us to realize friends more than we ever have. We know that God loves us and has reasons for everything that comes about. Have a blessed day.

    • says

      Thank you, Pam. God is so good to us! We all need reminders now and then just how much He loves us. I hope you have a wonderful week!