Unexpected (and a Little Embarrassing) Thanksgiving Inspiration

It happened months ago.  I received an email from someone I didn’t know.

She was from TinyPrints.  She wanted my permission to use one of my pictures in my Three French Hens post for something she planned to publish on-line.  When I saw the picture she was using, I laughed.

Ha!  Why would anyone want to use this shot?

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

She didn’t explain what the article was to be about, but I said “OK”.  (“OK, whatever…” I thought in my confusion.)

A couple of weeks ago, I heard from this same TinyPrints representative.  She said the article was ready for me to see before it went out for publication and gave me a link to go look at it.

You’re going to really enjoy seeing the beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving tables in this piece.  Now, look at the picture again above.  Please, tell me what about that picture inspires you for Thanksgiving.  Not happening, right?

I emailed the woman back and explained my perplexity over the picture they chose.  There’s a write-up beneath the picture that tells about the hens and roosters in the center of the table.  I sent her this picture and explained that perhaps it would be better for the article.  (Although, I still didn’t have a clue what this table has to do with Thanksgiving!)

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

Three French Hens – A Tablescape

She wrote me back and explained that yes, they had used the wrong picture by mistake.  She thanked me for letting them know and gave me a link to the corrected article with the correct picture.

I followed the link and verified the corrected picture.  I marveled at the pictures of all the wonderful tables in the article, all of which are Thanksgiving inspiration perfection, in my opinion…except mine.

Did I submit an application for inclusion in the article?  No.  Did they ask for my suggestions of appropriate pictures or posts?  No.  I had no input whatsoever.

I’m truly honored that they used something of mine, but I’m still so perplexed over the situation.

Last week, I received another email notification that the article is published and out on the inter-webs and to please send my readers right over to see it.  I hesitated for a few days because I just didn’t know what to think about it.  They used the wrong picture in the final copy!  So, head on over to TinyPrints and see my lovely picture of the criss-cross table-cloth, OK?  Haha!

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

I know you’ll enjoy all the Thanksgiving table inspiration in the TinyPrints article.  So, when you have time, go check it out.  Then, please come back and tell me.  Are you as perplexed as I am as to why they included my table among the other perfect (and on topic) Thanksgiving tables?

What ideas did you see that you’ll use for your table on Thursday?








  1. says

    hmmm, well, you should be flattered! That is a collection of stunning tables so just go with it! I do think the common thread between all the tables is a unique and unexpected color scheme for Thanksgiving which black, white and red certainly is. Your table is very cute and fun, but I know you are cringing and wanting to straighten out that cloth! Note to self, never post a questionable photo 🙂
    Jenna recently posted…Creations, Coastal Holiday SignMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Jenna. Next time someone asks for my permission to use a picture, I’ll make a stipulation that they use the picture I choose for them. Ha!

  2. Libba says

    Some pretty table settings and your’s looks great too. It looks more like Thanksgiving than some of the others. Proud for you.

  3. robin says

    Hens…turkeys…they are close. LOL I think it’s Thanksgiving-ish…I LIKE IT!!!!!
    I was at Jo-Ann’s today……wait for it….
    Susan Winget dessert plates….just a few designs.
    But when I saw them I busted out laughing thinking about you asking “Does JoAnn’s sell dishes?” when your blogger friend was having a giveaway for the JoAnn gift card.
    At least one had a hen! I was just passing by so I didn’t look too hard.
    I was bad. I bought fleece. Now to actually SEW the hats. LOL

    • says

      Aha! Is every store carrying dishes now? It’s supposed to be a fabric/craft supply store. What are they thinking? Glad you resisted and kept your focus on what you were there to buy. Now, on to the sewing. Have fun! 🙂