True Confessions: How THIS Time Organizer Changed My Life – Free For You Today

I made a big mistake when I started blogging.  Rather than treating it as a full-time job (which it soon became), I continued my usual commitments and worked blogging time around my life.  You probably know how that didn’t work!

Soon, my time in the yard lessened, I cleaned house only when absolutely necessary, reading books went out the window, and forget time in the evenings without my laptop under moving fingers.

Last year, I could barely get it all done.  I wrote five blog posts (and the projects behind them) each week plus regular spiritual posts each month for The T2 Women blog.  The thought of adding one more thing to my schedule caused near panic.

My problem wasn’t what you might normally think.  My problem was not setting priorities and also not letting go of things that needed to go.

Do you have trouble saying good-bye?

Lysa Terkeurst’s The Best Yes  was the most life changing book I read last year.  (OK, true confession…listened to  on Audible.)

This has always been my motto.


We rush here and there, trying to cram every stinkin’ thing into our schedules.  Has that worked for you?  Me, neither!

Near the end of last year, when the Lord led me in a new additional  direction, I thought it couldn’t be done.

Nada, impossible, not happening!

Like Jonah ran from Nineveh, I made excuses and tried to get out of what God wanted me to do.  And, we know how well that works.  Ha!  God threw so much information at me about prioritizing and making proper commitment choices for Him that I knew He had something more for me in this.

Are Christian women supposed to do everything we’re asked?  No.  Are we allowed to say no – even for something good, something church-related, something for God?  Please hear me.  Yes.

Yes, we are called to serve with gladness.  No, we can’t do that if we’re strung out because we said yes to everything.

God gives us specific things to do…but not everything.  He only intends for us to do what He directs us to do, when He directs it, and not everything  we come across all the time.

If you’re trying to do everything yourself, you’re robbing others of the blessing of doing the things you’re doing for them.  And, I suspect, you’re stringing yourself too thin to be effective.

God is a God of order and design.  Our haphazard running hither and yon is not His design, it’s ours!

My main truthiest confession I have for you today is that, in addition to continuing my regular blogging schedule, God led me to learn new skills in order to write home decor sewing e-courses.  Along with many  (but not all) of my old commitments, these new areas were prioritized and scheduled for accomplishing what matters most.

To sum things up, I’ve been able to:

get-more-that-matters-doneClick the book now to get the free download – and DIY your life calendar to prioritize the things that matter most.  Do you wish you had time to learn a new skill, like sewing?  Well, now you can!  Get More (that matters) Done!  will help you calendar the time and do it!

Today, prioritize your life and schedule so you can truly get more done that matters most to you – and as always, for the purpose of creating the home you love to live in.