Trail of Peace – Week Two

To continue the trail of peace, I thought I’d share my process or recording the trail in my Bible.  I wrote all the passage references on one of the front pages.  (My handwriting isn’t the greatest, but you get the idea.)

Trail of Peace

It just occurred to me that you might like a printable page of the Trail of Peace passage references all typed out and pretty (not my scratchy handwriting!).  Would you like that?

Feel free to play Christmas music about peace while we scroll through today’s verses.

Through the Trail of Peace passages, I underlined each verse and made a “TOP” notation beside it, noting where to go next after reading that verse.

Isaiah 26:3-4

Isaiah 26:3-4

I sometimes write key words in the margin, too, like in the picture above.

Isaiah 32:17-18

Isaiah 32:17-18

Now we’re moving on into the New Testament.

John 16:13

John 16:13

The trail usually doesn’t go backwards in the books, but this one does.

John 14:27

John 14:27

Do you feel peaceful yet?  The gift of peace is from our Father, the Giver of all peace.  He is our Eternal Rock!





  1. Robin says

    Thanks Kim. This great. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now due to all that is on my plate (and people are trying to give me MORE at church because I am “young”…yeah…50 is young there.LOL)

    Here comes the Monday morning vent! (Bear with me…)
    I may not LOOK like I have health issues, but people FORGET that I do because I do not complain. I was granted SSI (permanent disability) back in 2001 when my 1st husband and I separated because of how my body cannot handle stress(thyroid/adrenal issues), along with chronic migraines. (Since I remarried I no longer am eligible for the $$$, but that does not mean I don’t still have the same issues!) Actually, I have ADDED a few…like that nice big wad of scar tissue on the ball of my foot that makes EVERY step painful )and I cannot find a shoe or an orthodic that helps.

    I may be younger than some people, but I also have a HUSBAND who WORKS (not retired), who has a full plate at church, and is being asked to do MORE as well (because he is YOUNG…LOL). I make sure dinner is on the table at 4:45 when he walks in the door. It is the LEAST I can do! ….and a TEENAGER (who is not old enough to drive), who has school activities and OTHER things she is involved with that require ME to drive or be there as well….and a household to take care of.( Not to mention EBAY…for my little bit of $$$ to do my crafts…that is MORE than a full time job! )

    Then ya add this car accident into the mix….and life revolving around chiropractor visits for me and my kid, and all the RED TAPE to get me an MRI and EEG….the slooooow process. My tooth issue still is a mystery. Mystery or not…IT STILL HURTS. Just because the process is slow doesn’t mean my pain slows up. LOL

    I have always been a “yes man”. I grew up going to catholic school….you did not QUESTION authority. You just kept your mouth shut and your head forward, even if a teacher was WRONG. So I have a hard time saying “I’m sorry. I have a full plate now.”

    I am feeling a “crash” coming on. (It is not pretty when it shows up. Weeks on the couch is NOT an option …we HAVE to go to the chiro 3x a week!)

    I am about to go read these passages…..right after I get my husband his breakfast and make his lunch and send him on his way….

    Thank you so much for the scriptures (and for allowing me to vent…I felt like I was going to explode. LOL) . I need some PEACE right now. 🙂

      • Robin says

        I read and I prayed…a lil more than usual. I surely needed THOSE scriptures. They really do work, I tell ya! Thanks again! (I really was about to explode this morning. LOL If people came with a slow steam release valve like my pressure cooker has….that woulda been a REALLY nice feature. hahaha) I am sure God will have me encouraging someone else with these peace scriptures REALLY soon. I am ready. I have them on a sticky note!