The Drunk Drawer – It’s Genius!

HH and I visited PAM (Painter Artist Mom) and HBD (Handy Builder Dad) over the weekend.  While taking a drive out in the country early Saturday, we stopped by to visit someone HBD helped recently.

You see, since retirement, he has become Handy Builder  to many people.  He renovates kitchens and bathrooms, adds porches, and pretty much anything people want to add to their homes.  He is so handy – THE HBD!

I didn’t suspect at first that anything in this renovated kitchen would be this spectacular.

The Drunk Drawer - It's Genius!

As we walked through the kitchen, Dad pointed to the corner cabinet and drawers.

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

It took a minute to realize what he wanted me to do.  Normally, drawers butted together  in a corner like this don’t open smoothly due to hardware interference.

You know this first-hand if you’ve ever moved into a house with regular drawers installed adjacent in a corner – only to find they won’t open or only partially open!

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

Watch carefully as I open the top drawer.

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

Hey!  It cleared the knob without bumping!  So, I pulled it out further.  Do you notice anything?

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

Maybe you can tell the drunken secret from this angle.

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

Yes!  It slides out at a very slight angle.  Genius, right?

The adjacent drawer does the same thing, so neither one of them bump.

The Drunk Drawer is Genius!

HBD immediately asked if I knew where he got the idea.  I said no, and he reminded me that my oldest brother (of two), a home builder, did the same thing in the kitchen of a house he built for his family many years ago.  He called it the drunk drawer.

My brother is no longer with us, but his drunk drawer solution lives on (and many other great memories like that).

HBD says you can’t get this adjustment from a stock cabinet company, but any carpenter worth his salt could do it.  If you’re a handy DIYer, I think you could do this, too!  It just requires aligning the drawer sides at a slant and running the drawer slides  on the same slant.

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Do you have corner drawers like this?  Do they bump the knob or handle of the adjacent drawer?

Thanks, Handy Builder Dad, for showing us this neat trick!


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  1. Betty Bagwell says

    I was talking with HBD at church yesterday – telling him how much I enjoy your blogs and your ENERGY! He said he asked you how you come up with all those ideas! Now we know, you are HBD and PAM’s daughter – they are both so talented and HBD can fix ANYTHING 🙂 Love them both.

    • says

      Thank you so much! I think some talent must have rubbed off on me somewhere, but I just WISH I had the talent of either one of them! I think my ideas stem from a sickness called my-brain-won’t-stop-spinning. Or, maybe it’s ADD, or both. Ha! If I had the energy to actually do all the ideas I see on Pinterest, that would be e-n-e-r-g-y! 🙂

    • says

      I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of those corner mess-up drawers over the years. What a difference this trick makes, huh? 🙂

  2. Robin says

    I am going to bookmark this post…it is WAY cool! I might have use for it if we ever move. I have a “spinny” corner cabinet now so there are no drawers to collide.

  3. Kelle says

    Spooky! I was just admiring my newly painted kitchen cupboards. Opened my corner cupboards to see how close they are. Wondering whether to put hardware on them. Sat down & opened your post!!! Well thank you for the idea. Now I need to see if it’s worth the cost as this would be hired out (same as the cupboards;)
    Thank you!

    • says

      Kelle, you arriving here just now really is something! I’m glad the idea helped you to know a solution for corner drawers. Blessings!