The Art of Getting Bored

Do you sometimes wish you had nothing to do…to the point of actually getting bored?

We live hurriedly most of the time.  We rush here, rush there, rush everywhere.  Then we rush home to get some sleep so we can get up and rush again the next day.

That’s not life at all!  That looks more like a treadmill.

Last week, I discovered there is an art to getting bored.  How did I do it?  I prayed that morning to find myself bored at some point that day.  I longed for it.  Looked for it.  Expected it.

Why are we so afraid of empty spaces in our schedules?  That’s where creativity happens.  Rest.  Restoration. Rejuvenation.

It includes reading quietly, taking a stroll (not a walk), sitting without a noisy electronic box of some sort, or sitting outside and listening for nothing in particular.  Birds sing, winds blow, nature around us happens.  If we don’t stop and wait quietly, it passes us by.   Soul restoration happens there.

Later that afternoon, I suddenly found myself bored…for an entire five minutes.  Yikes!  Is that all?  Yes, but it was an answer to prayer, and I was so thankful for it.  I relished in that old familiar feeling I hated as a child.

When we’re bored, our brains escape all thoughts of things that need to be done.  We escape the mental torment of the never-ending to-do list for a while.  Suddenly, we can dream again.  We realize our place, our purpose, the point of it all.

We can find rest and enjoyment in boredom.

So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work.  Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.  For who can eat or enjoy anything apart from him?  (Ecclesiastes 2:24-25)

I’m not adding to scripture here, but Solomon was speaking from his heart.  Personally, I would add rest to the list – to enjoy food and drink and rest.  Rest after our work.  Rest in satisfaction of it.  Rest in the Lord.

The Sabbath is our day of rest – and quite possibly of boredom.  We should be thankful and relish it.

Do you often get bored?  What does it take for you to feel it and enjoy it?









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