We Give Thanks to God

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.  For as members of one body you are called to live in peace.  And always be thankful. Colossians 3:15 (NLT)

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel different?

It began last Saturday – our day of the barn party.  A sense of peace had settled over our household.  (Thank you, Lord.)

In our hurried world, we go and do – and go and do some more.  We thought it would be different after the move to rural life  Not so.  Like others, we have to be intentional to pause the locomotive of life.

We’d cleared our schedules of extra frills last week to allow time to clean out the barn, move in tables and chairs, string the party bulbs, and do all things necessary for the party we were hosting.

What we discovered was even better.  We found we had extra time.  When does that ever happen, huh?


During our sense of calm, we methodically prepared for the evening, in calmness and peace.  With our extra time, HH decided we should install the new stained glass panes into our “new” antique swinging door.  I’d picked up the final pane the day before.

It had been over a year since I bought the door, and it was time.  Completion was in clear view, and HH was ready to cross this project off his list.

We worked together efficiently, and it seemed in no time at all, it was finished.

Door After

The Kitchen Side of the Door

The completed door was an accomplishment to fill a need (well, plus a want, let’s be honest), but an added blessing was the beauty of it.  A bonus is the fact that a friend made the glass for us.

Sometimes when you’re given a vision for something, God gives you far better than you’d ever dreamed.  Yes, it’s just a door.  I see it also as a gift.  I am thankful to God.

The fact that He has provided all this – our home and family and friends – still amazes me.  We have done nothing to deserve the blessings He continues to provide.  It’s all about His grace.

We didn’t go all out in barn decorations for the party.  I tried to keep things simple – to avoid busyness and continue the peace and calm.  HH and I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation, the party and our guests.  We didn’t want it to end.


If you read my post about the party this week, you may remember that we stayed out by the bonfire until very late – just enjoying the fire, the stars, and the cool night.  God was extending the peaceful feeling.  We were thankful – to Him.

Today, I look back on what was a really good day.  A blessed Saturday.  The following day at church, the sermon was (like all others by our pastor) thought-provoking, meaningful, spirit-filled, and divine.  Worship.  We give thanks to God.

I look back to this week and the continuation of His gift of peace – and blessings.  It’s been a joyful week of answered prayers.

We are basking in His presence in our household.  His peace.  His blessings.  His gifts.  We are thankful.

I pray you have a thankful and peaceful day that continues throughout your week.

It is a Spectacular Sunday, y’all!  Let’s worship the One Who makes it so – in thankfulness.