Thankful For Warm Homes


I hope all of you are staying warm today.  I thought this scene was fitting, since many of you have snow at your house.

Praise God for warm homes that protect us from harsh weather.  Have a Spectacular Sunday!

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  1. Elaine says

    Kim, I l think He may have repeated Himself, because we got a lot. Everything was covered with ice this morning, made walking thru the church parking lot a challenge since no one use any salt or sand on it. I hope I earned extra credit for venturing out. Have a great evening, Elaine

    • Kim Hood says

      You should get extra points for sure! 🙂 I’m glad you made it inside safely and back home after. Ice is the worst part!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I hope everyone stays safe and close to their homes. It is 77 F right now at 8 PM and yet it is forecast to be 21 by I guess Monday morning or Monday night.. I can not tell from the online I just went to check…. but ugh. I do not care for cold weather……… but it is a necessary thing….. mostly I am worried about the strays that may be domesticated and out in the elements and of course my Citrus Tree….. my baby of another kind.

    • Kim Hood says

      Yes, I hope everyone stays off the roads if it’s icy – and inside from the extreme cold! Our horses will be spending the night in the barn – tomorrow night, too, at 7 degrees.

  3. says

    Hi Kim!
    Sorry I haven’t taken the time to leave a comment lately. I’ve been zooming around. LOL! I hope your holidays were wonderful.

    We have plenty of snow on the ground and as I type it’s -17 degrees. Now that is toooo cold!!!

    I’m the new co-hostess for the Project Inspire{d} link party. It goes live every Monday at 8 PM EST. I’d be delighted if you’d come by and link up some of your inspiring posts.

    Wishing you an Extraordinary week!