An Old Tyme Christmas Table

Olde Time Christmas Decor

I’ve heard that people back in the day used whatever they had on hand to decorate for Christmas.  Like popcorn for garland, dried fruit, nuts, pine cones, kitchen gadgets, sewing notions, rope twine…and things made with their hands.  Each gift was a labor of love. For my old tyme Christmas table, I pulled out everything […]

Vintage Kitchen Tree and Two Friends You Need to Meet

Vintage Cookie Cutter Kitchen Tree @

After my first Periscope (#CurtainQueenScope) Friday morning, I completed the project I was working on while live video was rolling.  Creative juices were flowing, so I decided to play with the evergreen tree I got on clearance at Tuesday Morning after Christmas.  I’d been thinking of making it into a kitchen tree. You saw the […]

Laundry Room Essentials – Vintage Inspired

Vintage Laundry Room Wall

Welcome back to my laundry room!  Like you, it’s the place that captures much of my time.  Why not make it fun to be in that place that requires so many hours of your life? You saw the wallpaper wall in my previous post about my laundry room decision. The cabinet wall looks quite different […]

Laundry Room Decision – Wallpaper Reveal!

Accent Wall Decor

Finally, the day has arrived…the day you’ve been waiting for…for over a year. The original post about my laundry room decision was in May of 2013.  Aren’t I amazing?  Don’t I knock your socks off with my fast-moving and decisive decorating changes? Help!  Opinions, Please? Many of you offered wonderful (and varied) advice about the […]

Old Apple Crate – Restore and Re-purpose!

Apple Crate Restored

It’s so nice to be home!  If you missed yesterday’s post about handling road snakes, you might not know we were gone for ten days.   As wonderful as it is to get out and see our beautiful country, it’s always great to come home, unpack, and resume a “normal” schedule again. I’ll share more […]

Dollar Tree Tea Towels

Several months ago, I visited Dollar Tree to gather supplies.  I’d found some old cabinet doors at my favorite salvage place, Building Blocks, in Tupelo, MS. The idea was to cut rooster shapes out of the towels and glue them onto the old cabinet doors after painting them. They turned out well enough.  Here are […]

Vintage Life + Love = Memories

Vintage Cookie Jar

She was there, always there, with her bright red bow.  Growing up, she sat on my grandmother’s refrigerator.  Fragile, but she escaped being broken…miraculously. Eventually, she followed me to my home – and a new set of challenges – with rowdy, careless, energetic kids, one of which was an accident waiting to happen. We had […]

Vintage Water Pump

Several years ago, I was in an antique shop somewhere in North Mississippi.  Sorry to be vague, but I don’t remember exactly where I was “antiquing” that day. A bright red water pump caught my eye.  It didn’t hold my eye, though, at $125. For the next few weeks, the vision of that red water […]

Nostalgic Christmas Table

Will you be putting together your dining table decorations  soon?  Perhaps you’ve completed yours.  I’d sure love to see it!  I love to get fresh ideas and try new things, don’t you? This year, just as I did with my Christmas Mantel,  I’ve gathered items from around my home and from my Christmas storage boxes, […]