Homemade Cream Cheese Butter Mints

Powder Pink Butter Mints

Mom Two gave me her recipe for the best butter mints many years ago.  I’ve made these cream cheese butter mints for baby showers, wedding showers, and sometimes for birthday fun. Their buttery minty melt-in-your-mouth-ness is amazing! Start by mixing all ingredients except food coloring with beaters.  The dough is too stiff for beaters to […]

Why I’m Designating January as CHOCOLATE MONTH

Chocolate Understands

National Chocolate Day isn’t until sometime in October.  Who did that? Don’t they know we need the month of January to gather and practice our recipes for Valentine’s Day?  Who doesn’t plan chocolate molten for dessert on Valentines Day…or a healthy chocolate syrup for strawberry dipping…or my grandmother’s Mississippi Mud Slide?  At the very least, […]

Vintage Kitchen Tree and Two Friends You Need to Meet

Vintage Cookie Cutter Kitchen Tree @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

After my first Periscope (#CurtainQueenScope) Friday morning, I completed the project I was working on while live video was rolling.  Creative juices were flowing, so I decided to play with the evergreen tree I got on clearance at Tuesday Morning after Christmas.  I’d been thinking of making it into a kitchen tree. You saw the […]

Avid Reader Valentine Table

Desirous Reader Valentine Table

Do you enjoy reading?  Do you like turning pages of a real book?  Or, do you prefer eBooks? Do you see books and reading as representative of something else? Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s poem in her book, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia,  inspires us to read  our mate. Isn’t that perfect for Valentine’s?  Her words make me […]

PERFECT Perspective in a Tablescape

Perfect Perspective - A Tablescape

No, our relationships aren’t perfect.  But, they can come close. Even in the reflection of glassware against the day’s light, there are sometimes noticeable fingerprints…smudges. Even if they’re not noticeable, imperfection is there.  And still…it is beautiful.  With its imperfection, it looks perfect to our naked eye. We sometimes see a couple that seems perfect […]

Flowers are for Love Birds (and Valentines) – A Tablescape

Bluebirds Under Cloche

No, it’s not spring yet, but we have blue birds nesting in lots of places.  I love their color, don’t you? I’ve separated these DIY blue birds under cabinet knob cloche domes to keep them from mating.  😉 Love is in the air… This flowery tablecloth is a big push hint for some flower delivery […]

A Molten Addiction? Chocolate Understands!

Chocolate Molten Explosion

Welcome to heart month!  Are you thinking of special treats to make for your loved one(s)? Before Christmas, PAM and HBD (aka Mom and Dad) gave me a little happy – because they know I love chocolate, and they know nothing understands like chocolate (and Jesus, as we discussed yesterday). No silly questions like, “What’s […]

The Power – A Tablescape

Speaking Well To Our Mate

Since I’ll be out of town for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be nice to celebrate a month early.  HH dislikes the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.  He feels forced, I think.  Who likes to feel forced?  Not he.  Nor I! HH says, “Why must  we have a special day?  We can and should celebrate […]

“I Love you, Valentine” Tablescape

"I Love You, Valentine" Tablescape

Valentine tablescapes can vary greatly. When we collect things red from throughout the house to embellish our table, there’s no telling what will come together. All cultures may not celebrate love on Valentine’s Day like we do in America, but many are represented on my table.  It’s an eclectic mixture, which is my favorite way […]

DIY French Lavender Hearts + Printable Pattern

French Lavender Hearts + Printable Pattern

Happy February!  I’m happy heart month is finally here.  Are you? Annie Sloan has done it again.  She has inspired me.  I thought she was all about chalk paint – until I read her books.  One of my favorites is Creating the French Look. Each time I look through this book, I see something new.  […]