How to Clean Decorative Throw Pillows

Clean Plaid Pillows

Here’s the link for the free e-book, Why Jesus is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have.  Enjoy! Here are my newly sewn plaid pillows with the inserts I ordered recently.  Don’t they look much better?  The inserts are nice and soft.  . They sit up straight now, and they are clean and fresh […]

Easy Upholstery Removal

New Ottomon Upholstery

Last year, when I re-upholstered a footstool, the worst part was removing old staples.  If you’re removing old upholstery where someone was oh, too happy  with their staple gun, it’s pure torture!  In fact, you might remember I opted to upholster over the old fabric layer. Mom 2 gave me a fireside warming bench a […]

Painted Upholstery Trial

Painting Fabric Project

Last summer, I visited a garage sale nearby, only without the garage.  It was more of a driveway and yard sale.  I brought home several pieces, one of which was this…this…this whatever-you-call-it. What would you call it? It’s very low – with the seat height of the Thumb Tack Coffee Table (15-18″ tall) there in […]