Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In!

New Arrangement

I had a revelation recently.  After moving arm chairs into the kitchen, we were enjoying the larger seating.  Until… Spunky Daughter visited with three of her friends. What a pain to move those big chairs as we added more around our table-made-larger-with-added-leaves.  I was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience to guests as they scooted […]

Trash to Treasure Chest – The Before and After

Trash to Treasure Chest

People leave the most remarkable things at the street for trash pick-up! I was following PAM (Painter Artist Mom) along a street a couple of months ago.  She stopped suddenly, got out of her car, and came to my car window. I wondered what was going on… PAM asked if I wanted the chest that […]

Top Five Home Project Faves

How to Add a Reading Light

I was just wondering something the other day.  What changes have you made around your house that, after the fact, you found yourself enjoying more than you ever dreamed? In case you missed these posts, maybe you’d like to know how to do them since they had such an impact on our daily lives. As […]

Easy Upholstery Removal

New Ottomon Upholstery

Last year, when I re-upholstered a footstool, the worst part was removing old staples.  If you’re removing old upholstery where someone was oh, too happy  with their staple gun, it’s pure torture!  In fact, you might remember I opted to upholster over the old fabric layer. Mom 2 gave me a fireside warming bench a […]

Antique Ironing Board – Grimy to Great (and Green)

Antique Ironing Board in ASCP Antibes Green

My antique ironing board didn’t look very good when I bought it.  The cotton batting from under the pad stuck to the board.  Yuk!  (Most people wouldn’t buy a board like this.) I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to remove the stuck-on fibers, but it was easier than expected.  After misting with a […]

Laundry Room Toile – Stuck in Stall Mode?

Sink Cabinet Wall

I usually don’t publish a post on Saturday, but this is no normal Saturday.  My plan was for early morning landscaping duty.  The crepe myrtle trees are growing shoots from the base that need  eliminating.  I stepped outside at dawn’s early light (5:30-ish) and turned around immediately back to the inside.  Oppressively hot, humid, and […]

DIY Belt-Covered Footstool

DIY Belt Seat Footstool

Hurray!  It’s May! After our tornado-filled skies on Monday, we’ve had sunset evenings filled with color and beauty directed by God’s artistic hand.  With the devastation of tornado destruction around us, we pray for each family who lost their home.  Many people are helping neighbors, and it gives us a glimpse of what we are […]

3 Steps to Renovate Old Garland

Bows Complete

Are you like me?  Do you have ancient garland you use year after year in your Christmas decorations? After buying the house HH and I thought would be our “forever” home, I purchased garland that was a better quality so it would last a long time.  Well, I’m here to tell you – it worked.  […]