A New Challenge – Keep Only What You Love

Painting Old Urn in ASCP Pure White

I’ve been reading a decorating book lately.  The author says we should discard anything we don’t absolutely love. This arrangement and urn were teetering on the edge of Mr. Dumpster (or a donation bin).  I’ve never loved it.  I wanted to, and I tried to, but it just never happened. I’m no floral artist, that’s […]

Fabby Shabby Telephone Table

Shabby Telephone Table

Trash to Treasure Has a friend ever called you early in the morning with an alert? Hey, besty…the house across the street has a pile of furniture at the curb. It appears that no one is home.  Like maybe they’ve moved. Something’s been going on over there, but I don’t exactly know the story. Maybe […]

The Emperor’s Dresser

Drawer Pull

Do you like the dresser decked out in Emperor’s Silk?  That color sounds so fancy, y’all. It reminds me of a Red Delicious Apple.  So, why not pair it with an apple green? Isn’t this a nice surprise when you open the drawers?  I love colors that remind me of food.  Do you? These colors […]

Updated Table Skirt

Our table skirt in the living room needed an update, and today was the day.  The fabric I used is shimmery and crinkled – you know, wrinkled on purpose.  Ironing it doesn’t get the wrinkles out.  Steam ironing it doesn’t get the wrinkles out.  Finally decided they manufactured it that way.  How did they do […]

Pleated Table Skirt Tutorial

Pleated Table Skirt

This pleated skirt was made with only 2 yards of fabric.  I barely had enough but was determined to use this 2-yard remnant, a previous purchase for another project but unused.  This straight-lined skirt has six pleats.  My table top is 25″ and is 26-1/4″ from the floor. A note about fabric:  My piece was […]