Birds of a Feather Eat Together

Birds of a Feather Tablescape

Just like birds, we gather most often with those of like kind. I looked out our kitchen window one morning last week to see (it seemed) a hundred robins flying all around our yard between the house and barn.  They were landing, pecking, nibbling, and playing with one another.  Joyfully, excitedly, and almost frantically.  A […]

Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Rather than a full-on Valentine table, I set a table heavy on red that also includes black and white. It could be quickly transformed to a Valentine-themed tablescape with the addition of chocolate treats. Open lids to view (and taste) Hershey™ Valentine Peanut M-n-M’s and Cupids.  I posted this on Instagram yesterday.  🙂 I had […]

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

At this table, I imagine couples on a train having dinner.  Or at least a snack.  Complete with chocolate.  Of course. Don’t you think mid-twentieth century dinner on a train was served on fine china with cups and saucers, dessert plates, crystal stemware, and true silverware? The travel case set the theme as I gathered […]

Acorns Away! Tablescape

Squirrel and Acorn Place Setting

After excitedly setting this table featuring new plates I found this summer, I visited my Nuts About Squirrels tablescape post from last year.  Yikes!  It’s so similar. While I’ve used the same table-cloth with acorns on it… and the same squirrel plates…even the same napkins angled like bushy squirrel tails… and rattan chargers resembling tree […]

Imagine Dining at Oak Alley Plantation

Dining Room Fan

As I wrote Our Tour of Oak Alley for Tuesday, the post became too long to share in one piece.  After breaking the post apart, I included the sugarcane farming information in yesterday’s What’s Blooming Wednesday #20.  Today we see the dining details I saved for this post. With my phone battery nearly depleted before […]

Tablescape of Candy Corn

Fall Candy Corn

Do you like candy corn? I do, and I crave it every Fall season.  Doesn’t candy corn say Fall  to you? I used this same table covering in the Hoot Owls at Dusk Tablescape last week. The alternative was solid white…sort of boring in contrast to the plaid.  So, plaid it is for round two! […]

Baptismal Sunday – A Poetic Tablescape

Family Baptismal Picture

Did your grandparents go to a pond (or possibly a river) for baptism? HH’s grandparents did – along with many friends and relatives.   We have a picture of them in the water, waiting in line for their turn.  The crowd along the bank watches the special service. Many years ago, I found this shadow box […]

July 4th Quilt Comfort – a Tablescape

Plate Stack

To me, there’s nothing more comfy than a well-used quilt. The basis of our 4th of July table began with this wedding ring quilt made by HH’s late grandmother.  (Why do we say that about people who have passed?  Late.  I think God would say she was right on time, not late at all.) It’s […]

Breakfast at the Farm – Table Ready!

Breakfast at the Farm - Table Ready

Early in the morning, I get right to the chores. While watering flowers, I cut a few to enjoy inside – for the table. I cut herbs, too. Apple Mint sprigs for garnishing and making Watermelon Lemonade with Apple Mint Sugar. Vegetables gathered and washed.  (OK, washed maybe, but these are from a farmer’s market.  […]

Magnolia Blossom – a Poem, a Tablescape

Timeless Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Blossom by Patricia Neely-Dorsey ©2013 She is a delicate flower Dressed in white, like a blushing bride Open wide with possibility; She is the epitome of Southern charm And grace Her admirers stand in awe of such a perfect creation; Her fragrance is intoxicating Her beauty… Timeless. Patricia Neely-Dorsey is a local writer dedicated […]

Lost Lavender China Lives – a Tablescape

Lost China Lives - a Tablescape

While visiting an antique mall last December, the owner directed me to her room in the back.  It was filled with sets of dishes and china that she bought from antique dealers closing their doors.  She and her husband bought the entire store for a flat fee. As I entered the room stacked full of […]

Shades of Pale Tablescape

Truth Told of History

I recently met a new author. A Ghostly Shade of Pale, a novel by Merle Temple. A story about Michael – Merle himself, really, as a secret narcotics agent in the 70’s. A fictional story based on truth – truth of Merle Temple’s real years of fighting the ever-growing drug trade in our state of […]

Early Bird Tablescape

Early Birds

I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t mention worms in the title of a tablescape.  To be polite, I left out that part. I’m participating in Cuisine Kathleen’s Birds~Nests~Eggs Table challenge. Are you an early bird?  An early riser? I confess – I am.  I don’t like worms, so I’ll stick with watching birds get […]

“Deer Sledding in the Snow” Winter Table

Center Collection

With our cold weather this week, I’m in the mood for snow.  We don’t have snow outside, though.  Just cold temperatures!  My table reflects my mood, and it’s obvious with the sled, snow-covered pine cones, and the deer prancing on the snow-type table runner.  What fun it was to create a snow scene in my […]

White Christmas Dreaming – a Tablescape

Ski Bear Ornament

After record high temperatures here last week, it’s very cold this week – almost record lows for this time of year.  On Tuesday, it looked like it would snow any minute.  But, it didn’t. In Mississippi, we don’t have much snow.  We certainly can’t count on snow at Christmas.  But, we can dream of it. […]

Redbirds on the Farm Christmas Table

Christmas Lamb

The minute I read Susan’s post at Between Naps on the Porch, I knew where I was headed – Wal-Mart!  Susan displayed her “expensive” Christmas dishes, $2.98 each at Wal-Mart, so of course I had to check them out! There are four patterns to choose from, and I fell in love with the Redbirds.  At […]

Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl – a Tablescape

Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl Game Table

We’re taking a brief detour from the turkey leftovers feature this week.  I realized this table couldn’t wait until next week – Thanksgiving is upon us! Every year at Thanksgiving, the big game happens – the fight between two rivals.  Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss. Why not incorporate HH’s (and now Fun Son’s, too) Mississippi […]

Anytime Tablescape – Blue on White

Dutch Shoe Ornament

Sometimes you need to set a special table… when there is no holiday or memorial or season…or designated theme. Perhaps friends are coming to visit. Or, maybe it’s that your family is needing something special to shake things up a bit. Or, it could be as simple as needing to put something under a cloche… […]

High Cotton Tablescape

Cotton Boll Fabric

Have you heard the saying, “We’re in high cotton”? Now that we live near cotton fields, we enjoy seeing them bud out reddish and eventually open into white, fluffy puffs of softness. We don’t have the opened cotton blooms yet.  With our Spring rains this year, all of our crops in the area were planted […]

Tablescape in Blues

All About the Blues Tablescape

As a child, I gazed through the curved glass of the china cabinet. The blue china was not to be touched. We could only look at it.  With its matching flower-adorned silver, we never used it. But, it was beautiful to look at. My parents, as newlyweds, registered the pattern at the local jewelry and […]

Tablescape Red, White, and Blue

Desserted Table

I had big ideas for this week.  I’d planned indoor and outdoor tablescapes, each suited for Memorial Day celebrations and graduation festivities. Due to a week of rain, I was only able to get the indoor table set.  I’ll save the outdoor patriotic tablescape decor for a July Fourth post.  That’s one good thing about […]

“The Color Purple” Tablescape

Table Decor in Rows

Purple:  the color of good judgment; the preferred color for people seeking spiritual fulfillment.  It is believed that if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple, the color for royalty.  It reminds me of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns and purple robe when he was presented to his accusers, […]

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

After years of darkness, it was finally the appropriate season.  Perfectly timed with their willingness to be used in spite of their origin, with all their imperfections, they have been transported into the light. The storage box, dark and lonely, had become home.  Comfortable, in a sense.  Not an ideal home, but a secure location […]

Flower-Inspired Tablescape

Do you like flowers?  Don’t send me flowers for my funeral, ’cause I won’t be there to enjoy them.  Send them now. We girls, Spunky Daughter and I, love them.  (The males in this household don’t really care about flowers.) These days in The Land of Making Do, it’s weed-pulling time.  Is that what you’ve […]