Easy DIY – Padded Hangers for Linen Storage

DIY Padded Hangers for Table Linens

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) shared a few extras from her stash of padded hangers HBD (Handy Builder Dad) made for her. His creation is the perfect solution to my disarray in hanging table-cloths.  This was my storage closet before. It’s very easy and quick to make these padded hangers with pipe insulation. You want the […]

Bunnies at Breakfast

Bunnies at Breakfast

Happy first day of spring!  I don’t normally publish tablescape posts on Mondays, but this table needs to be shared today on this first day of spring. Meet me in the breakfast room to welcome spring… You’ll find plenty of bunnies here. Bunny plates from Tuesday Morning or T. J. Maxx last year. Bunny oat […]

Birds of a Feather Eat Together

Birds of a Feather Tablescape

Just like birds, we gather most often with those of like kind. I looked out our kitchen window one morning last week to see (it seemed) a hundred robins flying all around our yard between the house and barn.  They were landing, pecking, nibbling, and playing with one another.  Joyfully, excitedly, and almost frantically.  A […]

Shamrocks Usher Spring Blooms to the Table

Matching Blooms

It all began with thoughts of green and white.  I’m not Irish, but I had St. Patty’s Day in mind for this table.  Shamrocks from Dollar Tree are all you need! Since we enjoyed spring on many February days, I decided St. Patrick’s Day needs acknowledgement early, too. This particular day was warm but dark […]

Powder Pink Roses for The Sweet Life Tablescape

Powder Pink Butter Mints

What color of roses do you like best?  Is the traditional blood-red of Valentine’s for you?  Powder pink is my favorite rose.  And, I never told anyone. Valentine’s is for red!  Who was I to go against tradition?  So, I didn’t.  Until last week. I’m not one to buy roses, but Kroger had a sign […]

Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Rather than a full-on Valentine table, I set a table heavy on red that also includes black and white. It could be quickly transformed to a Valentine-themed tablescape with the addition of chocolate treats. Open lids to view (and taste) Hershey™ Valentine Peanut M-n-M’s and Cupids.  I posted this on Instagram yesterday.  🙂 I had […]

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

At this table, I imagine couples on a train having dinner.  Or at least a snack.  Complete with chocolate.  Of course. Don’t you think mid-twentieth century dinner on a train was served on fine china with cups and saucers, dessert plates, crystal stemware, and true silverware? The travel case set the theme as I gathered […]

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas – A Tablescape

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas

Are you laughing?  You knew it was coming, right? You had to know because you know I don’t waste a thing.  🙂 I collected a few vintage travel trailer ornaments at Hob Lob when Christmas decorations first hit the shelves. They’re decorated and ready for Christmas. Now you see the reason I made the trees […]

It’s An Olde Time Santa Ho!

Santa Ho!

I’m not finished.  Our tree isn’t up yet.  We must remember…it’s not yet December. Christmas decorating is running a little behind schedule at our house.  I’ve been in the project studio working on surprises.  😉 But…in the kitchen, Santa is busily saying “Ho!” It’s sort of an olde time look.  Don’t you think? Santa and […]

Thankful for My Mississippi – A Tablescape

My Mississippi

I’m especially thankful to be in my home state this year with family. We lived in Georgia for sixteen years.  Life there was wonderful, but it was great to come home to Mississippi. Home…to our home state…our Mississippi. Patricia Neely-Dorsey says it best in her poem, Meet My Mississippi. History…tradition…folklore… While my table doesn’t contain […]

Unexpected (and a Little Embarrassing) Thanksgiving Inspiration

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

It happened months ago.  I received an email from someone I didn’t know. She was from TinyPrints.  She wanted my permission to use one of my pictures in my Three French Hens post for something she planned to publish on-line.  When I saw the picture she was using, I laughed. Ha!  Why would anyone want […]

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Have you been waiting for a little Halloween tablescape inspiration?  What took me so long? Truth is, I love fall.  It’s my favorite season.  But with no small children around, Halloween isn’t at the forefront of my mind during fall. Only apples, leaves, and pumpkins I hear, Except when a goulash mood appears. It’s been […]

How to Transform a Candle Holder With an Old Black Slip

Old Black Slip DIY

You’ve seen this biscuit jar filled with lemons used many times before, usually as a pillar candle holder. The lid was broken years ago by a child who was prone to such things.  (But, all forgiven of course.) With Halloween quickly approaching, a transformation was in store for this biscuit jar.  It involves an old […]

Power Up Your Pumpkins With Gray

Plate Stack

Not only was I surprised at the number of dish sets stashed in my kitchen, I was also a little shocked that until today, I’d posted 130 different tablescapes.  No wonder I’ve bought so many dish sets!  When I started publishing tablescape posts, I only had three sets.  You know the ones…complete with dinners, salads, […]

Launch Your Fall Decorating With a Quick Lunch on the Porch

Fall Porch Dining for Two

Has the late summer heat stalled your fall decorating? I’m coming clean with my admission of guilt here. Heat can be so oppressive, can’t it? Let’s not do that anymore. I’m calling time, blowing the whistle, ending the pretense that leaves aren’t falling somewhere other than in my tablescapes. Shall we begin thinking fall and […]

How to Squash Your Fall Tablescape – with Butternut!

Butternut Squash Tablescape

Nothing says fall like butternut squash, so table it. And, fall is always special in the country! by Patricia Neely-Dorsey Yes, the colors of fall…red, yellow, orange, and gold. Along with squash and leaves, squirrels scurry all around.  Squirrel S&P’s nibble acorns. Davy the Squirrel stands ready for pecan-cracking action… …except our pecan trees have […]

Only Good Apples on THIS Family Tree Tablescape

Table Top View

I hope you had a fun, restful, and blessed Labor Day weekend! What do you think of when pondering your family tree? Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey! Last week, as I thought ahead to our Labor Day weekend family reunion in Tennessee, the right elements magically appeared for this family tree tablescape.  (It had  to be […]

How to Set a Bountiful Tablescape Harvest

Place Setting

If you have a cloth or remnant of fabric with seasonally correct coloring for summer, why not use it during early to mid summer? There’s a simple answer to that question…unless the print has pumpkins, squash, and otherwise fall-ish items included.  In that case, it’s only appropriate for lat summer/early fall. Today’s table looks summery […]

The “Sure We Can!” Summer Table

Sure We Can!

Just before my Georgia friends arrived two weekends ago, I began setting a tablescape with the vision of Spunky Daughter’s Moss Embossed Flower Pots in mind.  The problem was…I didn’t finish the pots before my friends got here. We ate at the partially set table, and you know what?  My friends didn’t have their feelings […]

What Scaped Our Table at the Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe

How can we create a tablescape when eating out?  The answer is simple.  With food. I know.  It looks like a mess.  But, our favorite tablescapes are a mess (especially about five minutes after the food arrives). This Father’s Day table last year looked very messy – even before food arrived!  In actuality, it was […]

Patriotic Table in Color

July Fourth in Color

July Fourth is three weeks from yesterday, so I decided to set a table for patriots.  I have no fireworks this time, but I found some bread and butter plates in the back of a cabinet that I forgot I bought last fall on clearance at T. J. Maxx. If you’ve been around for a […]

The KISS Tablescape Method

The KISS Method

Sometimes you just need to keep things simple.  Have you heard of the KISS method? K eep I t S imple S tupid I’m not calling you stupid.   (I would never do that, y’all, because you’re not!)  It’s just part of this acronym I learned long ago.  You’ve probably heard it before.  Do you apply […]

Magnolias on Pink and Gold – A Tablescape

Magnolias on Pink and Gold

A couple of months ago, my friend Ange asked me some questions about her grand-daughter’s bedroom window treatments she was planning to make.  She was in the midst of major life changes when she found some fabric she loved – and bought every inch of yardage on the spot. Why is that often the case?  […]

Mother’s Day Mix of China

Mother's Day Mix of China

Do you spend Mother’s Day with your mother?  Your mother-in-law?  Or, do your kids spend Mother’s Day with you?   Since May is filled with graduations and weddings already, it’s not working out this year to travel to see my mother (sorry, PAM) and HH’s mother for a Mother’s Day with them.  I guess we’ll […]

Give Your Table A Country View

Place Setting

Do you enjoy a walk through the country collecting flowers and herbs for your table? Thanks, Patricia, for sharing your poem with us!  See Patricia on Facebook here.  I do appreciate that all this beauty is for free.  You, too? I didn’t have to walk far to gather my flowers this week.  Apple mint is […]

Set the Birds Free for a Spring Table Feast

Set the Birds Free for a Spring Table Feast

You’d think the yellow in my face for days while covering the porch cushions in sunflower yellow last week would have prevented a yellow tablescape.  Alas, no. The base cloth is an outdoor fabric I purchased to coordinate with the porch cushions.  In normal fashion, I used it for a tablescape before transforming it. Free […]