Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

I’ve never had success with making mac and cheese.  What is wrong  with me?  Can it really be so hard? It always was hard…until I made mac and cheese with a slow cooker. Recently, we ate the mac and cheese with Millie’s Hamburger Steaks and My Favorite, Fabulous, Fast and Fool-Proof Slaw (and French bread […]

Savory Fig and Feta Surprise!


You know how I was nearly stung by a wasp while picking an over-ripe fig a couple of weeks ago?  (I mentioned it in my fruit harvest post.) I’ve been very careful since then.  While figs ripen only a few at a time, I’ve found ways to use just a few each day.  This “recipe” […]

Deb’s Sunday Dinner Baked Rice

Baked Rice with Mushrooms

My friend Deb has a reputation…for making the best rice in town.  Isn’t that something different to be known for?  (She’s known for other things too…like her beauty, her hospitality, and her sweet, Christ-like character.) Deb’s rice is quick and easy to put together – only five ingredients. She puts everything into her dish before […]

Tried and True Turkey Day Sides

Tried and True Turkey Day Sides

Is your menu for Thanksgiving dinner complete?  If you’re missing something important, here’s help. The linked title before each picture below is the source page for the image. Does gravy intimidate you?  It does me, especially when it involves making a rue.  But the best gravies start with a rue.  Here’s a fool-proof recipe that […]

Corn Dip for the Girls’ Trip

Corn Dip

I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day yesterday.  This was one of the best for us, I have to say, and I look forward to sharing our favorite family table setting yet. In my post about what was blooming at Cane River Cottage, I promised to share some recipes from the trip.  Since we […]

Crazy for Country Caviar

Country Caviar

This side dish has many names.  Pea Salad, Redneck Caviar, Southern Salsa, Black-eyed Pea Salad. Introducing Country Caviar: Country Caviar is similar to all the others, yet it’s made with farm fresh vegetables (or from the freezer).  I’ve made many of these cold salad recipes with canned vegetables, and it tastes great that way, too. […]

Dip Into This Black Bean Salad

Black Bean Salad

How was your Labor Day?  As we discussed yesterday, whether you labored or not, I hope you enjoyed your day. We accomplished everything we’d planned, with the help of Fun Son and Northern Nephew.  Those young, strappin’ men (and HH, too!) were so nice to help me with mission re-organization. Along with the furniture muscling, […]

French Lavender Carrots

Lavender Carrots

I know!  Y’all may think I’ve gone completely lavender crazy.  French lavender this, and French lavender that.  And, now, French Lavender Carrots? These are the sweetest carrots I have ever eaten.  Ever! I think you’ll like them, too. And the quick stove-top cooking is a wonderful thing on a busy week night. The only thing […]