How to Sew a Professional Finish – Better Than Store-Bought!

Nine by Nine Table-Cloth

Granted, I buy table-cloths on clearance.  They always are finished around the edges in the same way, no matter where I purchase them.  I should qualify that…anywhere in my  realm of shopping. If you shop at exclusive, high-end stores, there might be better table-cloth edging quality there. 😉 A friend recently asked me to sew […]

Waterfall Panels – A How-To Video

Waterfall Portion of Curtain Panel

During the last four years, people have asked me about the dining room window treatments they see in many of my tablescape pictures.  I made these before I began blogging, so of course I made no pictures as I made these panels.  With no in-process pictures, how can readers understand how to make these? Another […]

How to Make FALL PILLOWS from Thrift Store Shirts

Fall Pillows from Thrifted Shirts and Sweaters

If you were around the last two years, you saw fall home decor made from thrift store sweaters.  Click the images below for posts you’d like to review.     This includes front-button shirts, too. Several years ago, I pulled HH’s pin-point dress shirt from the stack that was headed for donation.  I made a […]

True Confessions: The Day My “Aah…” and “Aha!” Intersected

Why did I wait so long?  The panels hanging on the family room window when we moved here were exactly the right colors, but they needed to go.  They were off-center with the sofa and needed to hang higher on the wall.   But, I put off the project for over eight years!  Why? Within a […]

How to Make Butterfly Pleats

Making Butterfly Pleats

If you read my Magnolias on Pink and Gold tablescape post, you saw this fabric used as a table-cloth before starting this project for my friend’s grand-daughter’s bedroom. I hope to get pictures of the treatments after they are hung in the room.  I can’t guarantee that, though. This special friend wanted a set of […]

Curtain Header Buckram Strips in 3 Simple Steps

Two-Finger Euro Pleats

I don’t know about you, but I’ve suddenly realized that it’s nearly impossible to purchase four-inch buckram by the yard.  A couple of years ago, I ran across a partial roll on clearance at Wal-Mart for pennies per yard.  I bought all on the roll and wondered why such a thing would be on deep […]

Just for You, My Review – Singer 44S (White) and 4423 (Grey)

Singer Model 44S

Since publishing my post about choosing the right machine for sewing home decor, several of you have been asking for this review of the Singer 4423 model.  I’m happy to finally have this review completed for you…but it’s with a twist. As I stated in the post about home decor sewing machine choices, for sewing […]

How to Choose a Machine for Home Decor Sewing

Choose Your Sewing Machine Wisely

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE A MACHINE WISELY? That has been a popular question this week.  I’ve been planning to make a video on exactly what you need for sewing home decor.  Later. Through my Hometalk post on my 3-Step DIY on Covering Outdoor Cushions and my contact page email, the questions keep coming up NOW.  […]

A Fellow Reader’s Bedroom Sewing Success

Master Bedroom Shams and Spread

I’ve not published a post that included pictures of a reader’s sewing project before today.  But why not, right? Thanks, Christene, for sharing your success with us! Christene found this great fabric on clearance at Boca Bargoons, a decorator fabric shop in Orlando.  Don’t you love that texture? This was Christene’s first time to make […]

3-Step DIY – Covering Outdoor Cushions

Covering Porch Cushions

When I published my Sunflower Yellow Farmhouse Porch, some of you requested a tutorial for covering your cushions with new fabric.  Once you get everything cut out, it doesn’t seem to take that long. With four rockers and two metal chairs, I set up an assembly-line type of situation. Step 1: The Cut-Out Cut away […]

Curtain Fabric Calculator Phone App – Queen Tested and Approved

Curtain Fabric Calculator Phone App - Queen Tested and Approved

I was thinking of running ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for a reputable expert to design my new app idea.  Don’t you know how much a phone app to calculate our decorator fabric yardage would be so helpful? I was going to be the star who thought it all up and hired a developer […]

Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels

Romantic Rod Pocket Panels

Happy Friday, everyone! While I still have a few more small touches for the guest room, here’s the look so far.  I’d planned to re-cover the Euro pillows, but I think this look is more true to the time period.  So, I don’t know…maybe I’ll leave the bedding as is. Then again, maybe I’ll get […]

Corded Table Topper DIY

Corded Table Topper

I’m a push-over when it comes to fabric.  I guess maybe you knew that already.  Last week, I shared how I made a Tailored Table Skirt from a remnant and also one from a table-cloth.  I love adding toppers for color and versatility because you can change them easily. This table topper piece was a […]

Today is THE DAY Community Groups Begin

Be A Panel Queen Sewing Community

Happy New Year!  How will your today  be different from your yesterday? When discussing New Year’s Eve with our kids on Wednesday, HH and I tried to explain that, to us, it’s just another day.  Their strong reply? No, it isn’t!!!! Ha…we really know how to push their buttons.  (And, they are right in some […]

Tomorrow, Your Home Decor SOMEDAY Begins

Home Decor Project Communities

Happy New Year’s Eve! Can you believe we’re at the end of 2015?  It feels like it went so fast! Did the posts about prioritizing and organizing/scheduling your time in 2016 help?  Did you calendar time for home sewing projects you need to do?  I’ve found that when things get on my calendar, they get […]

Quick Gift – Make a Tea Towel Christmas Pillow Cover


I hadn’t planned to publish a post today.  I’m sure you know by now that if I don’t publish a post by 10 a.m., there will probably be no post…except occasionally. Just a little while ago, as I was preparing tomorrow’s post about our Leg Lamp Dirty Santa Excitement over the weekend, I received an […]

Dinner Napkin Pillow Cover DIY

Joy Pillow Complete

I wrote a blog post for Pillowcubes recently, and it went live on their site yesterday.  You can see the collection of seasonal pillow covers at Pillowcubes here. Today, I have another pillow cover to add to that collection. In case you don’t remember, I ordered the package of 24 dinner napkins last year from […]

Santa’s Beard Table Runners

Santa's Beard Table Runners

I’ve been so excited about decorating for Christmas this year! I made two different sizes of table runners with fringe for Christmas tablescapes.  After finishing, I realized the fringe resembles Santa’s beard.  Remember how I made fringe recently with My Own Fringemaker?  That’s what I used to make this “Santa’s Beard” fringe. Here’s how I […]

Plan Your Someday!

Your Someday

I have big news for you today – something fun in our future.  I’m very excited about it all, and I hope you will be, too. Do you have projects you’d like to complete someday?  Do you put off sewing projects, only to find someday  never comes? For your home decor sewing projects, your someday […]

Banded Bed Skirt for Added Length – An Easy DIY

Trash Can Bedside Table

Do you remember last month when we moved our two kids into a college apartment together?  Our upstairs bedrooms suddenly had empty spaces (which was a little refreshing, actually).  I’m still in the process of re-arranging and tweaking bedding. HH’s mother gave Spunky Daughter (SD) a 4-poster bed and mattress set.  SD thought a 4-poster […]

How to Compute Drapery Pleats

Goblet Pleats

Do you get confused when trying to compute your drapery pleats?  Between the spacing for each pleat and the spacing between, it can get pretty confusing sometimes. And, I don’t know anyone who can explain it as well as HomeDecGal, who is a whiz at window treatments.  Actually, her name is Susan Woodcock, and she’s […]

How to Attach Buckram Seamlessly

Attach Buckram Seamlessly @

Last year, I signed up for the Sewing Custom Curtains and Draperies* class at Craftsy.  Even if you’ve been making window treatments for a long time, there’s always something new you can learn. Susan Woodcock, the class instructor, is very neat with her sewing, is very organized, and is calming in her delivery.  I enjoy […]

4 Steps to a Rope Trimmed Pillow

DIY Rope Corded Pillow

After sharing my applique pillow technique, I realized I should write a tutorial for adding rope trim.  It’s very similar to sewing piping or fabric-covered-cording into a pillow, except that it’s actually easier. So, here’s the quick run-through for putting this pillow together. Step 1:  Sew Rope Cord to Side One Attach the zipper foot […]

DIY French Applique Pillow

DIY Applique Pillow with Form

While perusing Charles Faudree’s country French decorating books, I was enchanted by all of his pillows with appliques on the front. I decided, “Hey, I can do that!” And there began my inspiration for this pillow. Here’s how you can make one, too.  Cut out your pillow front and back.  For stability, attach lining fabric […]

An Exciting PillowCubes Announcement – Change Can Be a Wonderful Thing!

Old Pillows, New Inserts

I received this notification from PillowCubes yesterday. Major Update This Week: We NOW sell pillows individually and NOT BY THE CASE! Here is what PillowCubes says about the changes: This week we made a major change to our website and business model. Instead of selling our pillows by the case, we are testing out selling […]

PillowCubes – A Pillow Form Review (and Discount!)

PillowCubes Sample Form

When PillowCubes contacted me about their products*, I was a little confused at first.  Was it a pillow shaped like a cube?  What were they talking  about? The pillow form I ordered isn’t a cube.  My form is like this one – a 12″ x 16″ insert, soft edges and all.  😉 I received my […]

5-Inch Drapery Pleats for Tall Ceilings

Goblet Pleat Panels

I read in one of my window fashions design books that it’s a good idea to use five-inch pleats (over the usual four-inch) when you have a ceiling height that’s over eight feet.  I took the opportunity to try it with these new pleated drapery panels in our family room. I don’t think anyone will […]

Sew Easy Cartridge Pleats – A Tutorial

Cartridge Pleats

Are you familiar with window treatments made with Cartridge pleat detailing? They normally have a very contemporary look. Being more of a traditionalist, I’ve never been that wild about them…until I saw a picture of cartridge pleat panels with a wide fringe. This white cotton trim was only $6.99/yard at Hob Lob – a bargain […]

Lined Drapery Panel Tutorial

My plan all along since starting my blog was to provide tutorials for different types of window treatments, including lined and unlined panels.  But, so far, I’ve only demonstrated unlined panels.  I know!  I’m so slow, ADD, or whatever! No more waiting… Here (finally) is the tutorial for lined panels.  Ta-da! The only lined draperies […]

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let Us Sew!

Sewing Theme in Snow

When our snow finally started to fall yesterday, this tablescape suddenly hit me.  I’d been headed in a different tablescape direction entirely. After talking about those delicious onion burgers yesterday, I was in a rustic, sort of western mood.  HH’s t-shirt quilt’s reverse side is flannel, so I threw the quilt over the breakfast table […]

Craftsy Class Review & Discount for You

Decorative Shams

By now you know how I feel about Craftsy.  Craftsy has a beautiful setting and organized structure for classes.  I love that I can watch my class lessons any time I wish and as many times as I need…ahem, especially the Basics of Digital Photography (w/ Rick Allred)* class. There is no grade, no pass-fail, but […]

DIY Sweater Sleeve Stockings

Sweater Sleeve Stockings

Soon after making the Shirt Sleeve Pumpkins in October, a similar idea for stockings began taking shape in my mind. You know how limited my time has been these last couple of months…finally got around to making these stockings over the weekend. Do you love buying thrift store sweaters for making pillows as much as […]

Joining the Tartan Plaid Craze

Tartan Plaid Fabric

Have you noticed an explosion of Tartan plaids around Blogland and Pinterest recently?  Tartans are a classic, so they never are considered “out”.  But, with the recent “in”, it may only seem  they were out for a while. In the midst of preparing my Thanksgiving Dining on Tartan tablescape this week, my Tartan meter was […]