Coffee Filter Wreath – You’ve Gotta Make One!

Coffee Filter Wreath Complete

I know you’ve seen coffee filter wreaths before.  They’ve been all over Pinterest – I think since last year. Sometime during this year, we switched to percolating our coffee.  What to do with all the paper filters we had accumulated?  Of course, I made a wreath! And, I could make several more!  (How did I […]

Ribbon Storage

The ribbon keeper idea isn’t mine.  Yes, I’m a copy-cat!  Since copying is the highest form of flattery, there are many others I’m complimenting here.  Found this several times in my internet search of organization ideas, and I shared it two days ago in Craft Cave Revived. The shelf was plain.  Unfinished, even.  So was […]

Charming Bookmarks

I keep magazine articles and pictures in a file for inspiration.  This Fall, I pulled out this idea for charmed bookmarks featured in May, 2011, Country Living Magazine.  I decided to make some for Christmas gifts. I gathered the supplies.  The ends of each ribbon are clamped with a v-shaped bracket with “teeth” to grab […]