DIY Spice Cabinet Side Rails

Roll-out Spice Cabinet

I realize this post has nothing to do with Christmas.  With Christmas only eight days away, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Have you? I really need to ask you this.  Do you have a spice cabinet like this one?  Or, have you seen one like it? I don’t know why […]

No More Tightening Loose Pot Handles!

Loose Pot Screw

This seems so basic, I’m almost embarrassed to blog about it.  I went years without doing something to solve my problem.  So, in the event that you’ve had this same issue, I’m offering the solution I finally found. Do the handles on your cookware get loose?  Mine do.  Recently, I decided it was time to […]

DIY Home Phone “Servicing”

Don’t you get aggravated when your phone buttons don’t work?  Yesterday, I’d HAD it.  Here it is, the busy Christmas season, and I can’t even make a phone call!  “Why didn’t I fix this problem sooner?” I asked myself. I finally had no choice but to dismantle the phone and clean it thoroughly, which was […]