Reward Yourself with a Sturdy Coat Rack Made From an Old Cabinet Door

Old Cabinet Door Coat Rack

Last year in August when we moved our two into an apartment together for college, Spunky Daughter requested a coat rack in the front hallway by the door.  And, y’all know first-hand how I can delay…stall…ponder…and delay some more while finding inspiration that fit the order (SD’s style/wants).  She loves anything with a rustic or […]

Old Apple Crate – Restore and Re-purpose!

Apple Crate Restored

It’s so nice to be home!  If you missed yesterday’s post about handling road snakes, you might not know we were gone for ten days.   As wonderful as it is to get out and see our beautiful country, it’s always great to come home, unpack, and resume a “normal” schedule again. I’ll share more […]

DIY Old Shutter Magazine Rack

Rotten Shutter in Barn

Are you a magazine stacker?  Through the years, I’ve stashed many in baskets and pots, on coffee tables, and anywhere else I can imagine.  Recently, I found a new way to keep current magazines in clear view without taking table space or bulging my baskets. Several months ago, a friend gave me two old and […]

Medicine Cabinet Transformed

ASCP Painted Cabinet, French Linen

Do you remember last month, when I was trying to decide on toile wallpaper for the laundry room (Help!  Opinions, Please?)?  I posted this picture (among others) that day.   I haven’t yet completely decided about the wallpaper, but I had wonderful ideas from some of you.  My hesitation to forge ahead with the wallpaper […]

Succulent Garden – Cracked Pitcher Revival

Cracked Tea Pitcher

If you need an idea for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, how about this? For this tabletop succulent planting, you’ll need your favorite iced tea pitcher.   I should say, formerly your favorite. It needs to have a very important feature – something that makes it useless for your family’s favorite  Real Sweet Tea.  A crack. […]

CQ’s Helpful Tips

Many items that we use every day (and sometimes throw away) can be used for new purposes.  I’m no Helloise with Helpful Hints, but I have a few ideas to share – some favorites around my house. For months, I’d thrown these jewels in the trash.  Useful little plastic packages these are – free with […]

Embrace This Season

What is your current season of life?  Spring, oh, young one?  Summer, you blessed one? Exactly one year ago, I found myself smack dab in the middle of a new-to-me season of life.  Sort of sneaked up on me.  Yep, I’ve reached my Autumn.  In reality, it’s been upon me for quite a while, but […]

Bow Keepers Made From Old Drawers

This little bow keeper had some very humble beginnings.  Remember my favorite salvage place? Pretty humble, huh?  That’s because this warehouse space is used to sell donated “rehab stuff” to raise money for The Learning Center (school for young children).   No need for fancy signage – rehab-ers don’t need a sign, ’cause they can sniff […]