Sewing Spaces Refreshed and Minimized

New Sewing Space

Welcome to February, the month of love!  I have something to share with you today that I’m loving right now – my project studio with painted desks for a refreshed feel. This was the arrangement of my sewing desks before the new year changes.  I moved one desk to another room, and scooted the shelf […]

7 Senses Satisfied Through Decor

Oversized Antique Scissors on Display

These sense-able tips apply to any room – and should be considered when decorating throughout our homes.   A particularly tough room to decorate is a work space.  Why shouldn’t it also be an enjoyable space? After moving the necessary furnishings for creative work into my project studio, I turned my attention to things that increase […]

6 Essentials of a Functional Project Studio

"Pause the Pinning and Paint" Cabinet Door Sign @

aka Woman Cave! Have you ever been confined to a smaller space than you needed for doing projects?  Were you in a window-less, stuck-off-in-the-distance, out-of-the-way, cave-like room? It was 18 months ago (in Craft Cave Revived) that I organized this small space as my project room.  My sewing space.  I’d planned to use it for […]