Baptismal Sunday – A Poetic Tablescape

Family Baptismal Picture

Did your grandparents go to a pond (or possibly a river) for baptism? HH’s grandparents did – along with many friends and relatives.   We have a picture of them in the water, waiting in line for their turn.  The crowd along the bank watches the special service. Many years ago, I found this shadow box […]

Magnolia Blossom – a Poem, a Tablescape

Timeless Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Blossom by Patricia Neely-Dorsey ©2013 She is a delicate flower Dressed in white, like a blushing bride Open wide with possibility; She is the epitome of Southern charm And grace Her admirers stand in awe of such a perfect creation; Her fragrance is intoxicating Her beauty… Timeless. Patricia Neely-Dorsey is a local writer dedicated […]