How to Make Butterfly Pleats

Making Butterfly Pleats

If you read my Magnolias on Pink and Gold tablescape post, you saw this fabric used as a table-cloth before starting this project for my friend’s grand-daughter’s bedroom. I hope to get pictures of the treatments after they are hung in the room.  I can’t guarantee that, though. This special friend wanted a set of […]

Euro Pleat Drapery Panels – Tutorial

Pleats Marked

Do you remember seeing these drapery panels two weeks ago in New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One?  I made these window treatments for our bedroom and didn’t know exactly what to call them – because they’re different from the norm. Have you seen pinch pleats with only two “pinches” before? Nah…I thought not. I made […]

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One

New Bedroom Panels

I know I promised you Fall recipes this week.  And, I will get to that.  I’ve been on a sewing binge, and I wanted to show you the beginning transformation before heading into the kitchen for baking and canning. I made pinch-pleat drapery panels for our bedroom.  I’ve left the current London Shades intact, because […]

Pinch-Pleat Drapery Panels – Tutorial

Pinch Pleat Drapery Panels

I’m hoping you have reviewed the first three steps in panel construction, which includes  Panel Hem, Step One in Drapery Panel Construction, Panel Side Hems, Step Two in Drapery Panel Construction, and the addition of buckram at the top of the treatment in Easy Clip Panels – Tutorial, which is also step three in panel […]