How to Make FALL PILLOWS from Thrift Store Shirts

Fall Pillows from Thrifted Shirts and Sweaters

If you were around the last two years, you saw fall home decor made from thrift store sweaters.  Click the images below for posts you’d like to review.     This includes front-button shirts, too. Several years ago, I pulled HH’s pin-point dress shirt from the stack that was headed for donation.  I made a […]

Dinner Napkin Pillow Cover DIY

Joy Pillow Complete

I wrote a blog post for Pillowcubes recently, and it went live on their site yesterday.  You can see the collection of seasonal pillow covers at Pillowcubes here. Today, I have another pillow cover to add to that collection. In case you don’t remember, I ordered the package of 24 dinner napkins last year from […]