Easy DIY – Padded Hangers for Linen Storage

DIY Padded Hangers for Table Linens

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) shared a few extras from her stash of padded hangers HBD (Handy Builder Dad) made for her. His creation is the perfect solution to my disarray in hanging table-cloths.  This was my storage closet before. It’s very easy and quick to make these padded hangers with pipe insulation. You want the […]

How to Dress a Dresser

Dresser, Before

Mom 2, our neighbor in my teens who remains in my life as a “bonus mom”, often used the term of cleaning house as raking out. In January each year, I re-arrange, organize, discard things unwanted, and in general, rake out. It’s a time to re-think the function of things, re-assess spaces.  Since Fun Son […]

True Confessions: How THIS Time Organizer Changed My Life – Free For You Today


I made a big mistake when I started blogging.  Rather than treating it as a full-time job (which it soon became), I continued my usual commitments and worked blogging time around my life.  You probably know how that didn’t work! Soon, my time in the yard lessened, I cleaned house only when absolutely necessary, reading […]

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

After publishing my post last Wednesday, I Pinned this picture of my friend’s ladder to my ladder board.  The next time I need to do something with a ladder, this is it (or something similar)! And you know what happens the minute you stick even your toe  inside Pinterest.  You never come out!  (Please tell […]

Organize Your 2016 Plan: Schedule Without Stress!

DIY Your 2016 Calendar for a Life Without Stress

In yesterday’s post, I covered the first step for your 2016 plan – setting priorities.  For the second step, we talked about five points to write out as a way of getting clarity for commitments you’ll set for 2016 (thanks to Michael Hyatt at MichaelHyatt.com). Today, we’ll cover how to plan through  the process – […]

Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement. What Rules in Yours?

Game Table Addition

Did you glean some furniture arranging tips from yesterday’s post?  After pondering things overnight, did you wake up and move furniture this morning?  Just wondering…since that’s what happened with me after reading the two links I shared. Our family room wall configuration is just plain odd.  There are three entrances into the room and three […]

Tips to Tackle Tasks in a Timely Way

Tips to Tackle Tasks in a Timely Way

People often ask me how I get it all  done.  That question stuns me because I never feel it’s all done.  I definitely don’t get as much accomplished as I used to, before my Fall season of life. Are you efficiency-challenged?  Are you task-oriented but seem to twirl your way from one incomplete project to […]

7 Senses Satisfied Through Decor

Oversized Antique Scissors on Display

These sense-able tips apply to any room – and should be considered when decorating throughout our homes.   A particularly tough room to decorate is a work space.  Why shouldn’t it also be an enjoyable space? After moving the necessary furnishings for creative work into my project studio, I turned my attention to things that increase […]

6 Essentials of a Functional Project Studio

"Pause the Pinning and Paint" Cabinet Door Sign @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

aka Woman Cave! Have you ever been confined to a smaller space than you needed for doing projects?  Were you in a window-less, stuck-off-in-the-distance, out-of-the-way, cave-like room? It was 18 months ago (in Craft Cave Revived) that I organized this small space as my project room.  My sewing space.  I’d planned to use it for […]

Your After-Christmas Shopping Plan

After Christmas Shopping Plan

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Are you sick of shopping – and thinking of shopping, even? Do you shop the sales after Christmas each year?  We are often out of town, so I seldom have the opportunity to scavenge the Christmas clearance shelves.  (Although, clearance shopping is one of my favorite things to do!) […]

Medicine Cabinet Transformed

ASCP Painted Cabinet, French Linen @CurtainQueenCreates.com

Do you remember last month, when I was trying to decide on toile wallpaper for the laundry room (Help!  Opinions, Please?)?  I posted this picture (among others) that day.   I haven’t yet completely decided about the wallpaper, but I had wonderful ideas from some of you.  My hesitation to forge ahead with the wallpaper […]