The Love List Review – Week Three

The Love List - Week Three

With four categories of things we should add to our love “to-do” list, we began the first week with two things we should do daily  and followed the next week with things we should do weekly. Today, it’s time to consider two things to do monthly. #1:  Rid yourselves of harmful residue   (Huh?) Do […]

PERFECT Perspective in a Tablescape

Perfect Perspective - A Tablescape

No, our relationships aren’t perfect.  But, they can come close. Even in the reflection of glassware against the day’s light, there are sometimes noticeable fingerprints…smudges. Even if they’re not noticeable, imperfection is there.  And still…it is beautiful.  With its imperfection, it looks perfect to our naked eye. We sometimes see a couple that seems perfect […]

Keeping Love in Christmas

I Corinthians 16:14

At our Sunday School Christmas party Friday night, a friend read the Christmas version of I Corinthians 13. It reminds us to love… Isn’t that wonderful? Life gets so crazy at Christmas time.  Our families deserve our attention and care, before devoting time for all the trappings of commercialized Christmas. If we step back and […]

Is Your Door Open?

Wedding Bible Verse

Source During this week before Valentine’s Day, love is on our minds – showing love to our Valentine.  That tune “Love is in the air…” keeps playing in my head! I’d like to travel a different path of love, while we’re on the subject.  Let’s begin with God’s love. God loves you. God doesn’t express […]

Welcome to Church

Do I think religion is all about church? No. I believe the impact of the church has everything to do with our faith in Christ.     The church universal consists of all believers, those who care for others in the name of Jesus, all around the world. Have a Spectacular Sunday, y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I’d not planned to post anything today, but I decided to connect with you today with this video.  I think it will help us all remember what this day is about – and overlook some family strains that might occur.  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

I Thessalonians 5:18

Holidays can be hard.  When we’re in the middle of troubled times (the storms of life), it’s not a time for being thankful for the circumstances we’re in. Then, why does Paul tell us to be thankful in this I Thessalonians verse?  Doesn’t he understand? James, the brother of Jesus, said basically the same thing.  […]

Love + Respect = Repaired Marriage

Hi, everyone.  It is another Spectacular Sunday! We had two weddings to attend yesterday.  Last night, after going separate ways so that one of us could attend each wedding, we agreed that it didn’t feel right.  Each of us sitting in a church pew alone while watching a young couple commit vows to each other, […]

An Amazing Free Offer

John 6:47

Source I’ve met people who say they can’t accept the free gift of Christ because they have done something “unforgivable”.  They don’t deserve it, they claim. Who does? That’s why it’s called grace. His grace to forgive when we deserve death.  Ezekiel 33:11 says: “As surely as I live, says the Sovereign Lord, I take […]