What’s Blooming Wednesday #52 – Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Ugly

Moonbeam vine seeds

I know all about the ugly.  You probably know it, too.  It’s that in-between stage of landscaping.  Today, I’m sharing all my ugly with you. Don’t we love to see other people’s ugly?  It helps us feel like our own ugly is doing pretty good! Last week, I shared what HH has been working on […]

Landscape (and Garden) Journaling 101

Landscape and Garden Journaling 101

Yesterday, when I shared my DIY Gardening Notebook with you, there was another notebook sitting right beside it in my cabinet. What?  You didn’t notice it? Of all my gardening and landscaping resources, this is the most important one. The little blue (no flair) notebook. Of all my gardening tools in the tool rack, this […]