What’s the Secret to a Safe Haven Home?

Romans 15:13

A friend reminded me recently that not everyone lives with peace in their home.  Sometimes relationships are strained and can even be abusive at times.  Let’s face it.  None of us is perfect, and when left to our own devices, we can make the lives of others in our household miserable. So, how do we […]

Change of Heart

John 6:47

Have you known someone who had a heart attack that sent them to the hospital for heart surgery?   That’s a traumatic experience, I would imagine. There’s a different type of heart attack, though.  It requires no surgery and no hospital stay. A spiritual heart attack is one where we suddenly realize our error.  The reality […]

Awaken Our World

Pray Without Ceasing

I’ve never read the Koran, although I know people who have read it.  As Christians, we need  to read and study God’s word to know the Truth for our own lives. But, it’s also helpful to know the basis of the actions of others and understand why they believe what they believe.  I understand very […]