Recognizing the Voice

John 10:10

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?  Is your first reaction to a compliment one that dispels or minimizes it?  There’s a reason. The reason is not what you think.  The reason is NOT that those whispering thoughts are the truth.  And, the reason is discussed in scripture. Not everyone struggles with this.  HH says […]


How was your Thanksgiving week?  Did the fun end all too soon for you? Was your focus fully on the blessings of the week?  Or, did the process of preparing everything take priority over enjoying it? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with that!  Concentration while preparing doesn’t come easy when […]

Change of Heart

John 6:47

Have you known someone who had a heart attack that sent them to the hospital for heart surgery?   That’s a traumatic experience, I would imagine. There’s a different type of heart attack, though.  It requires no surgery and no hospital stay. A spiritual heart attack is one where we suddenly realize our error.  The reality […]

Up From The Depths

Luke 10:19

In last Sunday’s Awaken Our World post, we looked at the perspective of a Christian raised in the Muslim faith. This week, I’m discussing a different type of bondage.  It’s dark, but it’s part of our world just as much as other religions. Satan comes to destroy us.  But God has dominion over satan.  (No, […]

Get the Gold Nugget – Even if it Means Reading the Last Chapter First

Intercessory Prayer

Do you read books from front to back – the normal way? I laugh at a friend who always, always, reads the last chapter first.  Always. Can you imagine?  (It’s possible that you do that, too.) I’ve actually never tried it – until recently.  Something was mentioned in the first few pages of Jack Hayford’s […]

Giving Thanks in Troubled Times

I Thessalonians 5:18

Holidays can be hard.  When we’re in the middle of troubled times (the storms of life), it’s not a time for being thankful for the circumstances we’re in. Then, why does Paul tell us to be thankful in this I Thessalonians verse?  Doesn’t he understand? James, the brother of Jesus, said basically the same thing.  […]

“Too Much to be Forgiven” – Trick? Or, Do You Choose “Treat”?

It’s a lie of the devil. If we refuse to come to Christ because we think we’ve done too much to be forgiven, we are putting limits on the power of God that aren’t there. He can do anything and everything.  He can forgive anything and everything.  Satan tells us differently.  Satan places doubt in […]